A Wii Bit of Bowling on Taxpayer Time

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Sep 222009

It appears some deputies from Lakeland PD and Polk County Sherriffs Office decided it would be fun to play a little Wii Bowling on the big screen while serving a search warrant at an alleged drug house. I guess it wouldn’t be too big a deal but for the fact that they apparently spent NINE (9) HOURS playing around.The problem comes from the fact that in their very thorough, NINE (9) HOUR, search of the house they missed the security cameras that were recording.

Polk Sherriff Grady Judd called the display, “embarassing.” It seems I see Sherriff Judd on lots of these videos being embarassed and not able to, “explain it.” It appears there were SIXTEEN (16) Detectives there for the NINE (9) HOURS. They were from the Sherriff’s office, and Lakeland and Winterhaven Police Departments, at a cost to taxpayers of over $4,000.00. But never fear, according to good ‘ole Grady, all search warrants have a lot of down-time, he says no tax dollars were wasted. I’m sure glad Grady is the Sherriff, because I surely don’t understand the need for sixteen detectives to sit around for nine hours waiting on one person…if they were waiting on him.

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Idiots of the Week for March 7 2008

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Mar 072008

Sick Leave HotlineMan Has Himself Shot to Get Time Off – AP
Detectives in Franklin County, WA say Daniel Kuch had a friend shoot him the shoulder in order to get some timee off from work and to avoid a drug test. Kuch filed a report with the police saying he’d been the victim of a drive-by shooting while he was out jogging. No word on whether the guy still has his job or not.

Our Darwin Award Winner
TBO.com has a report about Adrian Apgar and his second encounter with an alligator. Just over a year ago, Mr. Apgar was rescued by Polk Country Sheriff’s deputies who waded into a pond and got him out of the clutches of a large gator. He still lost his arm in the attack. Well it appears that this week he was found by deputies again, naked and wading around in a pond with several gators around.

Woman Stabs Boyfriend, Then Drives Him to Hospital
44 year old Jacqueline Barber was chargedby St. Pete police with attempted murder this morning after stabbing her 54 year old boyfriend in the neck. Apparently, they had some sort of argument, and he was dropping her off at her Mother’s house. She turned and stabbed him in the neck, but then drove him to the hospital.

News for the Week Ending December 21, 2007

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Dec 212007

We are winding down towards the end of the year, but instead of getting slower, we just got really busy for this week at work. I’ll still do my best to get some stuff posted here for you.

10 Husbands for Florida WomanAP
It seems that  a 26 year old in Miami has married at least 10 husbands between 2002 and 2006. The only problem…it seems she forgot to divorce any of them before marrying the next one. She’s a legal citizen from Cuba, and none of the men she married had any residence status prior to marrying her. Prosecutors say she charged her husbands an unspecified amount to help them secure immigration status and continued asking the men for money long after the wedding, threatening to expose them if they didn’t pay.

From the “What Were They Thinking File?”
Earlier this week, a Hillsborough County park ranger was arrested for a second time for having child porn on his computer. He was arrested first when it was found at work and on several external hard drives at home. Once released on bail, he went out and immediately bought another computer and external hard drive.

The Principal at a Polk County elementary school was arrested on charges of possessing child porn on his computer, and Bartow High School teacher was arrested earlier this week for propositioning a female student. This was caught on tape. Turns out this guy had been previously investigated after two girls accused him of kissing them during tutoring sessions. Those charges were never proved, but he was warned.

Horse Rustling in Tampa BayTBO.com
Apparently three horses were stolen earlier this month from a farm in Polk County. They have yet to be found. I’d think it’s pretty tough to hide three horses, but I guess not.

News of the week ending Nov. 9, 2007

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Nov 092007

Another Grow House in Polk CountyTBO.com
It seems this was attacked by three people when he stepped outside of his garage. The three men went the man’s house and attempted to steal some plants he had growing inside. Vigilant neighbors had called police about a disturbance. The cops arrived and arrested the three burglars, and of course the homeowner for his little home-based business.

Man Shoots Himself-Blames GangTBO.com
A 19 year old Palmetto showed up at the hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg. When the police showed up, he first stated he’d been shot by a Latino street gang. Antwon Stuckey later changed his story admitting he accidentally shot himself. Seems he was on probation, so being in possession of a gun was the best thing for him to be doing.

Rapper Hides in Ladies Room – Tampa Bay Times
A local rapper, Black Rain, who does a song called “Gun Shine State” ran to the ladies restroom in a club in which he was performing last week when someone fired a shot. After determining he couldn’t fit through the bathroom window, he waited a while, then slipped out after everyone had left.

It’s Me, It’s Me, It’s Ernest TTBO.com
Like the character Ernest T. Bass on the old Andy Griffith show, Joseph David Steele of Tampa violated a restraining order obtained by a neighbor, threw bricks through her windows, kicked in her door, and shoved her. He was arrested on a violation of the order, but I’m sure will be back on the streets in no time. Unfortunately, Ernest T. was pretty harmless, this guy probably isn’t.