Michael Phelps and Kellogg's

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Feb 132009

I can’t quite grasp the whole idea that people seem to have about the evil weed, marijuana. I think it’s pretty much established it’s less destructive than alcohol, and I suspect, truth be told, there are few middle-aged adults today who haven’t partaken.

Now I see you all are supporting this over-reaction by withdrawing your sponsorship of Michael Phelps. The guy may be the greatest athlete ever, and not just in terms of physical accomplishments. He comes across as a gentleman and true sportsman. He certainly made a mistake, but he also represented America brilliantly both in and out of the pool at last year’s Olympics.

So what if he took a draw off a bong. After his performance in these past Olympics, he deserved it.

So let’s see, the current President admits to having smoked it, Bill Clinton admitted to (not inhaling notwithstanding), Al Gore, former VP and Nobel Prize Winner, and for the previous eight years, our country was run by a crack-head.

I’ve written Kellogg’s and expressed my dismay that they have joined the reefer madness hysteria, and I would invite you to do the same.

I’m sorry you all have joined the completely over the top hysteria that is being promulgated by a publicity seeking back country South Carolina Sheriff (and I come from North Carolina, so I know whereof I speak) who bought his department a tank with a 50 caliber belt fed machine gun.

I just threw out my box of Frosted Flakes, and there will be no more Kellogg’s products in my home until you reinstate your sponsorship of Mr. Phelps.

These people need to get over themselves.

Wackness, The – A Movie Review

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Jan 202009

New York, summer 1994, the greatest year in hip-hop, a troubled teenage drug dealer trades pot for therapy sessions with a drug-addled psychiatrist intent on living his life to the fullest. The two form an unlikely friendship, but things get complicated when the kid falls for the doctor’s daughter.

Genres: Comedy, Drama and Teen; Running Time: 95 min.; Release Date: July 3rd, 2008 (limited); MPAA Rating: R for pervasive drug use, language and some sexuality.

Starring: Josh Peck, Ben Kingsley, Famke Janssen, Mary-Kate Olsen, Olivia Thirlby

Directed by: Jonathan Levine

Lay wanted to watch this movie. I wasn’t sure what to expect, as I didn’t remember seeing any previews, but I enjoyed the acting by Josh Peck and Ben Kingsley and Olivia Thirlby…each character has so many quirks that their interactions are fascinating. Each person played their character in a decisive way, but they were low key.

The story is typical coming-of-age, but in a time and atmosphere that sets it apart. The music was a perfect accompaniment to the story, and the cinematography was stunning. The colors in this film are sometimes dull and flat, and sometimes brilliant depending on the tone for that part of the story.

All-in-all, it was not a bad story.

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Weekly Weirdness for July 4th, 2008

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Jul 052008

Nelson MandelaNelson Mandela Can Now Travel to the U.S. (From the BBC)
I didn’t know this, but apparently our illustrious Department of Homeland Stupidity classes Nelson Mandela as a terrorist. It seems DHS classed everyone ever in the African National Congress (ANC) a terrorist. Fortunately, Congress and the President passed special legislation that will allow him to visit the U.N. Headquarters in New York without a special waiver from the Secretary of State. I’m sure glad we got around to clearing that up.

Pot Grower Puts House on Market
TBO.com is reporting that Evarista Ruiz-Ortiz, 36, of 1741 W. Powhatan had 39 pot plants growing in her house. The article doesn’t say how the police found out, but she’d tapped directly into the overhead line for power, and had the house listed for sale. Maybe not he brightest person on the planet. But then again, times are tough, you gotta get gas money somehow.

Naked Man in Downtown Palmetto
There’s a report from the Sarasota Herald Tribune of a nake man run amok in downtown Palmetto. It appears he disrobed in front of some woman in a store while she was in the restroom (I didn’t quite understand that). The lady ran out and the store manager confronted the guy. Apparently, he calmly walked out of the store to the street, where the spectacle promptly caused a couple of traffice accidents. The most interesting part of the story is that the police drugs and alcohol didn’t appear to be involved.

News for The Week of Nov. 30, 2007

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Dec 012007

There seems to be lots of hijinks going on this week. Maybe it’s because there was a full moon earlier in the week.

Highway PotThe Highway to Adopt – TBO.com
If you ever needed a reason to join the adopt a highway program, we may have found it. About 7:30 Tuesday morning cleanup crews working along Interstate 4 in Tampa came across about 60 pounds of pot in two large plastic bags. The Florida Highway Patrol says anyone having lost two yard waste bags full can call and claim it any time. I wonder if the cleanup crew gets it if no one claims it in 30 days?

Mausoleum Used as Hideout – TBO.com
Demetrius Johnson crashed a stolen Honda Civic into a tree while police were chasing him early Tuesday morning. He got out when police approached, but then jumped in and took off again, subsequently crashing into a utility pole. He jumped from the car and ran. Police later found him hiding out in a cemetery mausoleum.

112607feldmar.jpgMan Gets Tongue Bitten Off
It seems that Mr. Steven Feldmar here got part of his tongue bitten off by his girlfriend when he came in drunk Saturday morning and started choking and kissing her. Ain’t love grand?

Dr. Robert Cade Dies at 80
So who was Robert Cade you ask? Well Dr. Cade, while working at the University of Florida was one of the inventors of Gatorade. He and another researcher came up with the drink after one of the coaches asked Dr. Cade (a Kidney specialist) why football players did urinate after practice. After the Gators beat Georgia Tech 27-12 in the Orange Bowl in 1967, Tech coach Bobby Dodd told reporters his team lost because, “We didn’t have Gatorade … that made the difference.” Gatorade held 81 percent of the $7.5 billion-a-year U.S. sports drink market in 2006, according to John Sicher, editor and publisher of Beverage Digest.

Georgia Man Attempts to Deposit $1m Bill – AP
Alexander Smith apparently thought he was a rich man. He came into a bank in Clearwater and attempted to deposit a $1m bill. Given that there is no such thing, the teller was a bit suspicious. Smith was later arrested. Turns out he also passed a forged check in South Carolina to buy cigarettes.

Two Palm Beach Deputies Killed by Patrol Car – AP
I’m thoughtful enough to be saddened by the death of police officers killed in the line of duty, but what were they thinking? The deputies had put out spike strips to attempt to stop a stolen vehicle that was being pursued by other officers. After the stolen car ran over the strips, the officers apparently made a split second decision to run back out into the street to take up the strips. They were hit by one of the pursuing patrol cars.

News of the week ending Nov. 9, 2007

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Nov 092007

Another Grow House in Polk CountyTBO.com
It seems this was attacked by three people when he stepped outside of his garage. The three men went the man’s house and attempted to steal some plants he had growing inside. Vigilant neighbors had called police about a disturbance. The cops arrived and arrested the three burglars, and of course the homeowner for his little home-based business.

Man Shoots Himself-Blames GangTBO.com
A 19 year old Palmetto showed up at the hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg. When the police showed up, he first stated he’d been shot by a Latino street gang. Antwon Stuckey later changed his story admitting he accidentally shot himself. Seems he was on probation, so being in possession of a gun was the best thing for him to be doing.

Rapper Hides in Ladies Room – Tampa Bay Times
A local rapper, Black Rain, who does a song called “Gun Shine State” ran to the ladies restroom in a club in which he was performing last week when someone fired a shot. After determining he couldn’t fit through the bathroom window, he waited a while, then slipped out after everyone had left.

It’s Me, It’s Me, It’s Ernest TTBO.com
Like the character Ernest T. Bass on the old Andy Griffith show, Joseph David Steele of Tampa violated a restraining order obtained by a neighbor, threw bricks through her windows, kicked in her door, and shoved her. He was arrested on a violation of the order, but I’m sure will be back on the streets in no time. Unfortunately, Ernest T. was pretty harmless, this guy probably isn’t.

News for the Week Ending September 9, 2007

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Sep 102007

Duke Lacrosse Case
There are several items to report related to the Duke Lacrosse rape case. Mike Nifong, the prosecutor in the case, spent 24 hours in jail for lying to the court. It seems like a small penalty, but at least he got something. Also, the New York Times is reporting that the players and their families are in negotiations with the City seeking $30 million, but more important, some obviously needed changes:

The changes requested by the students and their lawyers include oversight of the police department by an independent commission, stricter procedures and videotaping of witness identifications conducted by the police, and the passage of a City Council resolution calling on the state to establish ombudsmen for district attorney’s offices and require the transcription of grand jury proceedings.

They deserve every dime of the money, but I especially like it when people are about more than the money, and force needed changes on agencies and institutions like this.

St. Pete Council Chairman Commits Suicide
According to a story in St. Petersburg Times, City Council Chairman John Bryan walked into City Hall just after 1 p.m. Friday and handed in his resignation letter. Less than five hours later, he was slumped over in a golf cart in the garage of his Floral City house, dead from carbon monoxide poisoning. He was 56.

Apparently he’d been to court the day before for the start of proceedings related to an accusation that he’d sexual abused his adopted daughters.

A Portion of the Patriot Act is Struck Down
Shining Celebi writes

U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero ruled in favor of the ACLU and struck down a portion of the revised USA PATRIOT Act this morning, forcing investigators to go through the courts to obtain approval before ordering ISPs to give up information on customers, instead of just sending them a National Security Letter. In the words of Judge Marrero, this use of National Security Letters ‘offends the fundamental constitutional principles of checks and balances and separation of powers.’

That can only be a good thing, and let’s hope this disgraceful attack on the Constitution is further taken apart.

Man Tracked with Cell phone Loses Job
By Charlie Sorrel, Wired Blogs

John Halpin, who had been working as a carpentry supervisor in New York for 21 years, was tracked by the GPS unit in the work provided phone he was given in 2005, and it turned out he was heading home early. His defense rested on the “I didn’t know I could be tracked” and “Sometimes I came to work early, too” arguments, but they didn’t wash.

That was certainly dumb enough, but according to Sorrel, the scariest thing to come out of the NY post story is that an employee can be tracked without his or her knowledge in every state except Connecticut and Delaware, where employers need to warn you before stalking you.

Shelby County Ohio Deputies Find 570 Pounds of Pot
Ben Sutherly, Dayton Daily News
Apparently during an accident investigation on I-75, a truck driver was arrested on “suspicion of drug trafficking,” when police found 570 pounds of pot in his truck.

Now I’m no legal expert, but that doesn’t sound much like “suspicion” to me.