May 062009

The brohaha over Carrie Prejean seems to be continuing as nudie pictures have surfaced, and she seems to think the contract she signed with the Miss California organization doesn’t mean anything. It all sounds so Christian to me. I mean how dishonest and hypocritical. Seems a perfect with today’s version of professional Christianity.

I’m sure most everyone’s seen the nudie photos of Ms. Prejean. She claims to be only 17 at the time and trying to become a Victoria’s Secret model. (Now there’s a fine Christian aspiration if ever I heard one.) The problems with all that is that everyone seems to think the boob she’s hiding with her arm appears to be Jugs Version 2 (post Miss CA purchase). Also, it raises the question, why wasn’t the photographer arrested for kiddie porn?

Of course Prejean goes all “oppressed because of her Christian beliefs” on us, claiming that people are just out to hurt her, and she’s really just a nice little Christian girl who was trying to get a job. The problem there, her contract with the Pageant specifically requires that she disclose if she’s ever done nude modeling. Miss Christian apparently lied about that one.

She appeared in the NOM ad, made appearances on their behalf, and done unapproved interviews. Once again, all that is a violation of the terms of the pageant contract. No one is out to get her, and she is NOT oppressed. Pulleaze…this girl has simply ripped up a binding contract, to which she willing agreed, and is out shooting herself in her pretty little feet.

Lying and failing to keep you legal commitments are not family or Christian values. She needs to quit playing that card. Do I care if she did some nude modeling? Of course not. Do I care if she does a NOM ad? Of course not, but I do care that she’s aligned herself with the professional christians, herself taking on this holier than thou attitude, but failing to explain how she’s managed to completely ignore her contractual obligations.

I hope they take the crown from her. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving person. Of course the professional christians will then parade her around as a martyr, but those who bother to learn the truth will realize she is just a spoiled little opportunistic bitch, who is also a sore loser.

Miss California Boob Job

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May 042009

I have held off posting on this whole Miss USA conflagration. I thought it mostly much ado about nothing, but now everyone seems to be jumping into the act. Not suprisingly, the krazy kristian kooks are trying to martyr Miss Jugs for Jesus.

Beauty pageants have just never been my thing, so I didn’t watch. I did see the video of Miss California’s answer to the question, and I saw the nasty response video from Perez Hilton. For the record, Hilton’s response was ridiculous, over the top, and uncalled for…and he does not represent most gay people (thank goodness). Get a life for Christ’s sake.

Carrie Prejean’s answer to her pageant question was nearly incoherent. For a minute there, I thought maybe she was channeling Bush. She is entitled to her opinion, and I defend her right to have one. However, I don’t have to respect it (bigotry is wrong, and no amount of silicon and lipstick can make it right), and when you get on a national stage, and can’t put together a coherent thought, when that’s the whole point of the question segment, then it’s also OK to make fun of you.

I have two main problems with this whole thing. First is this attempt by the whole group of professional christians to try to make a martyr of Prejean by implying that somehow she lost the pageant because of her honest answer. Well, bullshit to that. Turns out she was behind in points coming into the question, and even if she said she would be my maid of honor, unless she said it “more gooder” than she did her own answer, she didn’t deserve to win.

It is also an insult to Miss North Carolina, as the flip side of their inference is that Miss North Carolina somehow didn’t deserve to win, and I believe they all owe her an apology for their misguided implication.

I am also tired of this bullshit coming from the professional christians about how oppressed they are. Today, for the most part, it is just not socially acceptable to express racist tendencies in polite company. Does that mean that racists are oppressed? Well, by the definition of the professional christians it means exactly that. They do have a right to say whatever vile and hateful things they want to say, but that does not have to mean that society finds it acceptable to say it or act on it. And it means I can call you out on it. The times they are a changin’, and these people just don’t get it.

Distribution of major religious beliefsIt really is time for them to stop with the “oh we’re so oppressed” drama. Their very claim is that homosexuals shouldn’t have the same rights the straights do since they are the majority, but they sure do assign a lot of power to homosexuals. I just don’t get it, and why in the world the news media plays along I’ll never understand.

So it’s really time for this to be over. Miss Jugs for Jesus has had her 15 minutes, and all the straight boys can drool all over her bathing suit picture. nowwe need to move along to something that is actually important.