Nov 302009

The fine folks at Rescue Marriage, who faked out the American Family Association with their satirical campaign to ban divorce in California, have really stepped up their game with this ad. And the California Attorney General has titled the measure and certified it for signature gathering.  It has been called the 2010 CALIFORNIA MARRIAGE PROTECTION ACT.

I pray to God and Jesus that this proposal makes it on to the ballot. I would LOVE to see the Talibangelists go on the defensive to explain that they never meant that kind of “traditional marriage”.

YouTube Preview Image

I’ve been thinking that here in Florida we should take the lead and put together a ballot initiative that outlaws gay marriage, divorce, eating shellfish, and demands the stoning of unfaithful wives and non-virgin brides, etc.    How could the Krazy Kristen Kooks object if it comes right from their biblical interpretation? Scary thing is, some of them wouldn’t.

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