Aug 102008

It seems that the tabloid National Enquirer has a knack for catching wandering politicians, and they’ve nabbed another now…my favorite recent presidential candidate, John Edwards. It appears that back in 2006 Edwards had an affair with Rielle Hunter, a lady hired to produce campaign films for the Edwards campaign.

The question is, what to make of this? I am certainly disappointed in this behavior. I am the first to admit that guys in general are pigs when it comes to sex, but what makes these guys all think they can be in the public limelight and get away with these affairs? I suppose if you have the balls to think you can run the country and solve all the issues we have, then you have the balls to think you can get away with anything. Obviously, based on the information on this website, it’s not all that uncommon for President’s and Vice Presidents to have their dalliance’s. It goes back to Washington.

I am certainly sorry for his family and the pain this brings to them…and especially since they have to deal with it in the public. That brings up the obvious question, what business is it of ours (the publics)? Edwards certainly is something of a public figure, but he is no longer a candidate for anything, and the affair was between consenting adults.

He did continue to deny the affair to the press for a while, but that’s a natural reaction. It appears he came clean to his wife and family some time back. Of course Fox News and some of the rest of the MSM has tried to tie Edwards to Obama. I’m not sure people are going to fall for that. McCain seems to continue to get a pass for running around on his first wife with his current wife before the divorce.

I guess my attitude is that there are more important things to report than an affair between adults, but if the media is going to insist on reporting on these issues, I just wish they’d report fairly, and call out everyone’s proclivities.