Beware of the Power of HypnObama-May Result in Educational Diligence

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Sep 082009
See the full HypnObama at<a title="Click to visit Zaius Nation and see the full HypnObama." href=

See the full HypnObama at Zaius Nation (but beware).

It is just astonishing to me the complete crap that has been stirred up over the President of the United States offering an address to school students at the beginning of the school year to encourage to stay in school and work hard. Really, does it get any more anti-American than that? Well, if you’re are a conservative Republican it doesn’t, but there really is logic to the Republicans taking the position they have.

Facts are facts, and the fact is that, statistically speaking, the less education a person has, the more likely they are to vote Republican. The states with highest teen pregnancy rates, the highest dropout rates and lowest performing schools, statistically, are considered Red states. Given that, this tactic makes perfect sense. Why would the Republicans want children to succeed in school?

Unfortunately, and not surprisingly, one of the idiots leading the charge is giant hypocrite and leader of the Florida Republican Party, Jim Greer. Greer issued a statement claiming, among other things:

“indoctrinate America’s children to his socialist agenda.” He added that Obama “has turned to American’s children to spread his liberal lies.” Greer’s hysterical press release said the very idea of a political figure taking a political message to school children is “infuriating” and “an invasive abuse of power.”

I guess Mr. Greer isn’t savvy enough to know about Lexus searches and the like. Unfortunately for Mr. Hypocrite Greer, the Orlando Sentinel did a little digging, and here’s what they found:

There once was a political operative who loved to tell crowds he had a simple way of explaining to children the difference between Republicans and Democrats.

“Republicans get up and go to work,” he would tell his son. “Democrats get up and go down to the mailbox to get their checks.”

This man not only talked to his son about Republican values, he went into public-school classrooms and talked about them as well.

One Seminole County mother, Barbara Wells, remembers the day Greer spoke to her son’s sixth-grade class. “My son said he made some sort of Hillary Clinton joke,” she recalled.

So when asked if had run his pro-Republican message by parents and school officials before he talked to school kids, you most likely won’t be surprise by his answer,”That was different,” Greer said.

Never mind that In 1988, Ronald Reagan pushed his anti-government, low-tax ideology in a speech broadcast to classrooms nationwide, adding that he had supported “Negro” educational institutions. Here’s excerpts:


Hat Tip to Daily Kos

The deranged ranting just defies belief.

The great grand irony here is that, as all know when it comes to kids, all the fuss around this means the kids are going to go on-line and make absolutely sure they see what it was all about…so I find it great fun that kids are going to be going on-line to watch a video about doing good in school.

As a public service, to do my part to advance the cause of communism/facism/nazism/name your evil ‘ism, here’s the text the President’s speech from today. Continue reading »