The Evolution Vs Creationism Debate

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Feb 132014

Creationists_ReadOneBookToon450OI finally had a chance to watch the debate between Bill Nye (the Science Guy) and Ken Ham of the Creationism Museum. Ken Ham, and anyone who still believes in creationism should be ashamed. What a sad commentary that we have digressed in this country to the point where we even have to have this discussion.

Keep in mind that I am a Christian, so I don’t discount everything in the Bible. But let me clear, I have studied it enough to know that it is not, cannot be, literal and inerrant. Most blatant and applicable to this argument is there are two creation stories that have significant differences…so which one is correct. The Gospels tell stories of Jesus where the details often differ, and there are conflicts and disagreements with the writings throughout the book. Not to mention, while it may have been inspired by God, it was written by men, often well after the events that are recorded. It has been translated over and over with some translations based on other translations.

Yet here’s one of the most interesting things about “this book”:  you can’t find an original copy of it anywhere.  It’s like one of those missing link fossils Creationists are always going on about. The Bible is a compilation of thousands of codices and pieces, sometimes fragments, written in many ancient languages (Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, Latin, Syriac).  Sure, big chunks of the Bible are found in the four great uncial codices:  Codex Sinaiticus, Codex Vaticanus, Codex Alexandrinus and Codex Ephraemi Rescriptus.  Then there’s the Dead Sea Scrolls.  But not a single one of them are the Bible, are they?

And then there’s the dirty little complicated secret of the biblical canon.  Some books got in, some were rejected.  Some are in one Bible, not in another.

If you didn’t watch it, let me sum it up for you. Bill Nye used science, proven facts, and logic to make his arguments. He explained  radiometric dating, bedrock layers, tree rings, the expansion of the universe, evolutionary patterns of animals, technological advancements of ships, common sense and all sorts of scientific data which has been proven by some of best and brightest over many years. Continue reading »

The Mysterious, Source of All True Art and Science

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Jun 042006

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. –Albert Einstein

It goes without saying that Einstein was brilliant, but I think his brilliance showed through more because of the wonder he recognized in our universe than in his ability to do complex math. I think it was this sense of wonder at our mysterious nature that lead Einstein to his greatest discoveries.

How would your life change if you viewed the world through that sort of lens?

A Martian Post Card

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Sep 262005

It took NASA’s Spirit rover a year and a half to get to the top of Husband Hill in the Gusev Crater on Mars. It finally made it, and, like all mountain climbers, took a photo. Check this out

You may have seen lower-res versions in your newspapers, but the full res shows much more. Note the dust devil whirling in the distance!

There is lots more info on this amazingly long-lived mission, and more photos at