Who’s Really Entitled

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Oct 302013

The topic of the cognitive dissonance amongst far-right conservatives has been on my mind a lot lately, and was brought to a head a week or so ago in a discussion on Facebook with someone I went to high school with all those many years ago. The point of view of the tea-baggers seems to be that they are entitled to government benefits, but everyone else who ever gets help is a freeloader (a taker).

I’ve long been amazed by how the wealthy have convinced a large segment of the middle class to vote against their own economic best interests. They elect representatives who are committed to dismantling the social safety net we’ve built in this country, and removing any accountability for businesses based on some claim about it being all about capitalism. They go from their claims that the United States was founded as a Christian nation, to claiming it was founded on capitalist principles, to the claim that we are a democracy. Not only are these three mostly mutually exclusive, they are just wrong. The founders formed a constitutional republic.

If we are a national founded on Christian principles, then we would be pretty much as Socialist society, as that’s what Jesus went through Galilee setting up in the villages throughout…places were all would share whatever they had, “each to his own needs.” We certainly would not treat the poor and aged like the Republican Tea-Baggers want to treat them today. There’s that troubling Biblical passage all about, “inasmuch as you’ve done it unto the least of these, you have done it unto me.”

During the time of truly unregulated capitalism, our nation produced the extremely wealthy robber barons, and the poor. There was no middle class. We are not a democracy, but a Republic where the weak and minorities have the same rights as the majority, and the majority can’t take that from them, but just today there was a story of a Texas state representative who said he would vote to restore slavery if his constituents wanted it. Continue reading »

Remember This When you Head Out to Vote

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Nov 012010

As you head out to vote tomorrow (if you haven’t already), I’d suggest watching this. It’s about remembering which party took a record surplus and turned it into a record deficit, which party thinks the rich need tax cuts, and that big corporations don’t have enough freedom to pollute and send us contaminated food. Remembering which party wants to end Social Security, and which party started a needless war in Iraq, and which party was in power when Wall Street was given a no-strings-attached bailout.


Social Security and The Economy

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Sep 192008

I seem to recall that George Bush was all in favor of privatizing Social Security and having us all put all of our retirement funds in the stock market. I have a 401K at work. Unfortunately the company doesn’t contribute to it, but that’s not what this post is about. I checked yesterday, and my annual rate of return on it so far this year is -24%. (Yes, that’s a minus…negative in front of it.) So where would people be who depend solely on Social Security if their accounts had suddenly taken a 24% hit.

Mr. Reformer, John McCain, voted three times with Bush to privatize Social Security, and has repeatedly stated he supports privatization. I’m glad to see the Obama Campaign calling him out on it.