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starbucks-holiday-cupsBy now you’ve likely heard the craziness of some conservatives about Starbuck’s holiday cup design. You’ve probably heard about it because of one idiotic attention whore, who claims to be a pastor, Josh Feurerstein. He apparently managed to finally have a video go viral (trust me,  he’s produced some doozies in his efforts to get attention), where he raises a stink about Starbucks, because of their holiday cup design…plain red with their green logo.

There’s a CNN interview available on YouTube:

He thinks he’s cute because he wants to “start a movement.” That movement is to go into Starbucks, and when ordering, tell them your name is “Merry Christmas,” so they have to write it on the cup, and say when they call you. How very clever.

I do want you to listen to the interview, and then I’m going to deconstruct the craziness of this particular guy. Continue reading »

News Roundup for the Week Ending March 21, 2008

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Mar 212008

Hoe Beating
Charles White, 51, was taken into custody Tuesday morning by Tampa Police after he hit Melvin Walker, 44, in the buttocks with a hoe. Apparently there was some argument over beer.

Sweetbay Credit Card Theft
Hackers gained access to Sweetbay Supermarkets computer system and compromised credit card information on about 2,000 customers this week from Florida and New York.

The Weapons Just Get More Strange
According to the Tampa Tribune, Chad Allen Gibson was at a party and hit someone in the eye with his guitar. He was charged with aggravated battery, child abuse, criminal mischief and hosting an open house party. Gibson caused $600 damage to a person’s guitar by striking someone with it. If he’d only had a hoe.

That’s a Pisser
According to an AP report, an Orlando middle school teacher, Jameeka Chambers, wouldn’t let a student in her class go to the restroom. She apparently told him to hold it or pee in her lunch. Well, it appears he took her lunch box behind a book case, peed in it, and gave it back.

Poor Starbucks
The AP reports that a California Judge has ruled that Starbucks has to pay it’s California baristas more than $100 million in back tips and interest that the coffee chain paid to shift supervisors. Seems they were having to “tip out” the supervisors. It appears that California law is pretty specific about that, but Starbucks is contesting the ruling.

Don’t Like the Low Grade Street LSD – Have Your Kid Buy it at School
At least that’s what Brenda Kay Kelley did. She gave her daughter $150 and asked her to pick up some LSD for her at school. That’s some serious lunch money there kid.

Good Times at the Polk County Jail
Seems two detention deputies were smuggling in marijuana for one of the inmates. Deputies Michael T. Redmond, 23, and Jarrett R. Brice, 35, resigned after being arrested Thursday night. Redmond, who was assigned to the south county jail, delivered marijuana to inmate Freddie “Tryes” Street six times. The marijuana was given to Redmond by Street’s girlfriend, Latifah Bilal, 25, of 417 Century Blvd., Auburndale. Brice was altering visitation logs so Bilal could visit more often than allowed. No wonder there are so many repeat offenders.