To GOP: Can I Burn Down Your House?

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Oct 042013

This might be one of the funniest, and most appropriate tweets I’ve ever read. It’s by Judd Legum, the Editor-in-chief at Think Progress. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Tea Party/Republican intransigence summed up any better.


New Tea Party Poll at Deep Sand

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Oct 292010

We’ve added a poll today asking what you think about the Tea Party. Some people involved claim it’s non-partisan, and is a purely grass-roots organization of disaffected voters. There is some evidence that it is an Astroturf group sponsored by big business to help them advance their aims (I’m looking at you David Koch), and some folks believe it is definitely a part of the Republican Party.

I think some of the organizers have, as is often the case, seen an opportunity to make money, but those seem to have mostly failed. They also seem to be having a problem developing a cohesive message, but many in the movement would argue that’s the way it should be.

Let us know what you think.

What do you think of the Tea Party?

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Sep 282010

It appears that little Ms. “I dabbled in witchcraft” says she wants to stop everyone from having sex. This from the lady who’s claimed publicly to have had sex on a satanic altar. Personally, she would just be a side-show idiot, were people not willing to vote for her to sit in a seat in the Senate of the United States of America. She’s a Palin favorite, but that comes as no surprise, since, like Sara, she just makes up the truth as she goes along.

The thing that really disgusts me is that in this video she claims to be chaste at 30, but on other occasions she’s claimed she boozed it up in college and woke up with a different man every morning. So the truth is whatever it needs to be for the audience and the message she’s making up at the moment.

She reminds of a Milton Berle joke, “I knew Doris Day before she was a virgin.”


I get it though. The Republicans believe in freedom. The freedom to stop people from having sex, the freedom to come into your bedroom, the freedom to vote for which religion you can follow, and the list of freedoms the republicans believe in goes on and on.

I realize most Republicans don’t read books, but for those of us who read Orwell, I believe, if memory serves, in “1984” he wrote about the totalitarian state having a “youth anti-sex league.” Maybe the Republicans could form one of those, and they could have uniforms (the Republicans love uniforms), and they can be sure and make them wear flag pins on their lapels.

May 192010

D. C. Douglas lost his gig as the voice-over announcer for Geico commercials after leaving a rather nasty message on the voice mail for the Teabagger group known as FreedomWorks. This is a hilarious satirical video about their reaction to his message, and calls out the Teabagger for what it actually is…an astro-turf, Koch Industry’s funded front group which has managed to get people to vote against their own best interests in support of big corporations.

Unfortunately, it seems people will fall for anything if it includes going after progressives and the President. As Douglas says, “Tweaking the nipple of hypocrites in power can be dangerous and lead to blacklisting. Please, don’t drunk dial FreedomWorks!”