Christian Author Says Liberals Hate 100 Things-I Respond to Each

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Jun 082017
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I know the headline comes as a surprise to you, but Right Wing Watch has called attention to an article by some Christian author who, on Charisma News, posted a list of 100 things we Liberals hate about America. I had to read the list, and, of course, since it’s me, I have to comment on it. So let’s just roll right through this list.

This is from Michael Snyder’s article. Of course this paragraph alone merits a response by itself (heck, I could probably write a post about each of his 100 things, but I don’t know if I’ll get that ambitious), but I’ll leave that for a later post. Anyway, here’s what Snyder thinks:

If we want to make America great again, we need to embrace the things that made us great in the first place. Unfortunately, the left tends to hate most of those things. In fact, many leftists will actually tell you that America was never great. These “progressives” want our nation to be fundamentally “transformed” into an entirely different place than our forefathers intended, and they plan to use big government as the tool to conduct that “transformation”.

So, for all your liberals out there…here’s what it turns out, according to Michael Snyder, you hate: Continue reading »

Cruz Goes Even More Crazy

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Feb 152016
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I may just have to give Ted Cruz his own series here at Deep, but the guy sure is shoveling some deep shit. Since Scalia’s death, he’s lost whatever bit of mind he had.

It’s no surprise that Ted Cruz wants an ultra-conservative justice to replace Antonin Scalia. What is surprising is how much he’s willing to lie about the consequences if that doesn’t happen. (But then again, he’s been lying for Jesus for a while now.) On Meet the Press Sunday, Cruz told host Chuck Todd that a liberal justice would mean the end of religious liberty — adding that religious symbols would be “sandblasted off of the tombstones of our fallen veterans”:

Todd: Okay, I understand that. But why not go through the process? Shouldn’t the United States Senate do its duty and go through the process? Reject it, Senator, but go through the process.

Cruz: By the way, the Senate’s duty is to advise and consent. You know what? The Senate is advising right now. We’re advising that a lame-duck president in an election year is not going to be able to tip the balance of the Supreme Court.

That we’re going to have an election, and if liberals are so confident that the American people want unlimited abortion on demand, want religious liberty torn down, want the Second Amendment taken away, want veterans’ memorials torn down, want the crosses and stars of David sandblasted off of the tombstones of our fallen veterans, then go and make the case to the people.

I don’t think the American people want that…

Apparently, Cruz and the other Republicans think a President only gets 75% of their second term, and then aren’t allowed to be President during the 4th year. Let’s use some of his hero, Antonin Scalia’s Constitutional reasoning here. The Constitution doesn’t say that Presidents are to appoint a Supreme Court Justice with the exception of election years.” That wasn’t the original intent of the founders when they laid out the Supreme Court Justice appointment process.

Also, he keeps saying the people should decide. the people did decide. We went to the ballot box in 2012 and elected Obama over a Republican Challenger. I think most people who voted knew that one of the powers of the presidency is the power to appoint Supreme Court Justices in the event of a vacancy…so that’s who we picked to appoint any needed justices over the next four years. Also, to help Cruz understand the Constitution a little better. The Senate is expected to give their advice and consent. They are not expected to delay the vote or filibuster (which is no where in the Constitution…just to be clear).

It’s even a bit worse on ABC. Here he claims the 2nd Amendment will go away:

Come on people. This guy is seriously deranged. Why is he a serious contender for the nomination of a major political party for one of the most powerful positions on the planet?

Feb 152016
U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia delivers his keynote address at Utah State University's conference called "Freedom and the Rule of Law" on September 15, 2008 in Logan. Photo: Kristin Murphy.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia delivers his keynote address at Utah State University’s conference called “Freedom and the Rule of Law” on September 15, 2008 in Logan. Photo: Kristin Murphy.

So, by now everyone knows that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died over the weekend. As is usual, everyone is rushing to the airwaves to talk about what a nice and brilliant person he was. Of course I don’t know him personally, but certainly his public personae were not so nice, and I don’t think his legal reasoning, considered by many to be smart and original (pun intended), was all that brilliant. It was merely partisan and theocratic.

A friend texted me the news, and about my third text back to her was, it’ll be just a matter of time before Obama is accused of killing, and it took no time at all for Alex Jones to get the ball rolling. Let’s be clear; the guy was at a hunting ranch/resort in Texas when he died. We have only one government official that has the modus operandi (MO) of trying to take someone out in those circumstances, and I’m not aware of Dick Cheney being seen in public during the time this could have occurred…I’m just saying.

Seriously, Scalia was 79 years old, and while the average age of death is getting higher, plenty of 79 year olds die each year of natural causes. Scalia was overweight, and my understanding is he was a smoker. The guy just died. Continue reading »

Talking Ted Cruz-Scariest Candidate Running

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Feb 112016
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So, Rafael “Ted” Cruz wants to be President of the United States. That should scare the crap out of any sane person. Ted and his supposed pastor father (I say “supposed” because there is scant evidence of his ever pastoring a church) subscribe to a very dark end-times religious doctrine referred to as Dominionism, and the two of them have decreed that Ted is ordained by God to lead the Government area of influence of the 7 Mountain scheme of Dominionists (more on that later).

This is a longer article, and I apologize for that, but there is much you need to know and understand, particularly as regards the Cruz’s religious beliefs.

The Father

rafael-cruz-485x303You really don’t quite get Ted as the truth challenged theocrat he is, without understanding his father, who frequently campaigns as a surrogate for Ted. So let’s get this all out of the way right up front.

Rafael has an interesting bio posted on the American Speakers booking website. He was helped out of Cuba to come to America to attend the University of Texas in Austin. His public bio states he, “immigrated to this country over 55 years ago to flee an oppressive communist regime. He fought in the revolution and was imprisoned and tortured.” The problem with that is, he actually fought on the side of Fidel Castro during the communist takeover.  He was granted political asylum in the U.S. (something he and his son now oppose for others), after his student visa expired. He got married, divorced and remarried while living in New Orleans. He later moved to Canada where he was naturalized, and then back to U.S., where he was naturalized in 2005. Continue reading »

An Open Letter to Anti-Gay “Christians”

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May 052015
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Ron BaityUnfortunately, as gay people are less afraid to hide in a stifling closet, and are demanding that they be accorded the same rights as every other American, the heads of the leaders of the evangelical branch of the christian right are exploding. They are ratcheting up the rhetoric to a disturbing level, and some of their language is most certainly designed to evoke a violent response by unstable people who follow them. So, I’d like to drop them a note.

Dear Krazy Kristian Kooks:

You all have been consistently trying to claim that the right for equal treatment of LGBT people is not the same as the civil rights movement. You support this primarily by trying to claim the difference is that homosexuality is a choice and not an immutable characteristic. (An interesting position for you to take, given that you are protected based on their religious beliefs…but more on that in a minute.)

First, let’s just stop with the, “it’s a choice” meme. It’s not, and every reputable psychiatric and psychological organization says it’s not. The only people clinging to it are you so-called “christians.” The next time you want to use this argument, ask yourself this: “If it is a choice, that means I could wake up tomorrow morning, and simply decide to be gay/lesbian (whatever is appropriate) and be attracted to men/women. So that’s what I’m saying.” And, oh, by the way, when was it you DECIDED to be straight? Continue reading »