Tony Perkins-Lying Even More

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Oct 142014
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We’re going to give Tony Perkins our Daily Douche award two days in a row. On Sunday, he appeared on the usually friendly Faux News Sunday to discuss the evils of marriage equality. Unfortunately, Ms. Perkins brought her pen knife intellect to a gun fight with a constitutional law heavy weight, Ted Olson, a Republican lawyer and gay marriage advocate. Hilarity ensues.

Heck, Perkins even got taken the wood shed by Fox News’ host Chris Wallace. Perkins starts with his usual, think of the children meme with “Marriage is not to affirm adults, it’s for the protection of children, and if love is the only factor, where do you draw the boundaries?”

Perkins continued to harp on the “natural established boundaries for marriage.”

“What are you suggesting? That there’s going to by polygamy, that people are going to be marrying their aunt, their pets?” Wallace asked.

“I didn’t say that,” Perkins responded, again bringing up “boundaries.”

“Alright, you and your wife live happily in this house.There’s a same-sex couple living here. What’s the damage to you?” Wallace then asked.

Perkins replied by bringing up wedding vendors put out of business by refusing to serve gay couples.

“It’s a different issue,” Wallace retorted. Watch the Video below: Continue reading »

Ted Olson Plaintiff's Attorney Discusses Proposition 8 Decision

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Aug 042010

This is a CNN Video of Ted Olson discussing the ruling by Judge Walker today in the Constitutional Challenge to California’s Proposition 8. As you’ve probably now heard, Judge Walked declared Proposition 8 Unconstitutional, and basically said if failed on strict scrutiny and on a rational basis argument.

From what I can tell, which isn’t much, Judge Walker recognized the import of this decision, and he has no interest in being overturned. It appears he was careful in creating a complete trial record, often even coaching the defendants attorney’s. One can never tell what a few of the crazies on the Supreme Court will do, but if they follow the law, it will be very hard for them to overturn Walker’s decision.