Sep 302016

Some of you may know I had a bit of DVT scare (deep vein thrombosis) over Labor Day weekend, and spent 5 hours that Monday in the ER waiting on an ultra-sound. While there wasn’t a clot, it scared me enough to think about how much I sit at the desk and the problems that causes.

I know a popular thing now are these standup desks, and there are regular TV advertisements for a big thing that will life your monitor, keyboard, etc. when you want to stand at your desk. My desk isn’t really amenable to that big thing, and it looks more like it’s in the way than anything else, but I knew I needed to do something.

The monitor already sits a little high on my desk, and I tested it standing up and viewing it. With just a bit of tip back, it is a pretty good angle for standing. So, I just needed to elevate my wireless keyboard and mouse. I started looking on Amazon, and found a small adjustable height table on rollers, and first thought that was a good solution, and I suspect it would be. But then I found this “Laptop Desk.” I think it is designed mostly for working while in bed or sitting in a lounge chair or something, I thought I might be able to use it for my hybrid version of a standing desk. Continue reading »