Crazy Crash Sunday

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Sep 282009

I am glad I was not on the road for most of Sunday, and even then, we stayed on surface streets and around the neighborhood. Three crashes (I-75, I-4 and I-275) all had major accidents within a two hour window Sunday afternoon that involved over 100 vehicles, and sent 14 people to the hospital. Fortunately, no one seemed to have life-threatening injuries.

Just after 3pm there was a pileup on I-75 northbound that involved 14 cars and a charter bus. Six people were taken to the hospital and the northbound side was closed for nearly 2 hours.

Then, just after 4:30 in Polk County when there were 23 separate crashes involving over 45 vehicles. Four people were hospitalized. Traffic was backed up for six miles, but one lane was opened up in about 40 minutes.

Troopers said 19 crashes on the Howard Franklin Bridge involved 64 vehicles. The crash scene stretched for nearly a mile.

Troopers said 19 crashes on the Howard Franklin Bridge involved 64 vehicles. The crash scene stretched for nearly a mile.

According to

The third chain-reaction wreck happened at 4:53 p.m. on the Tampa side of the Howard Franklin Bridge’s southbound lanes of Interstate 275.

Troopers said 19 crashes involved 64 vehicles. The crash scene stretched for nearly a mile, troopers said. Four people were hospitalized.

Two lanes were closed and westbound traffic trickled through one open lane. It was four hours before all the lanes were opened, troopers said.

What an afternoon.

Daily Ramblings – July 1, 2009

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Jul 012009

From yesterday, we’ve got a “pig” traffic tie up out in Pasco County, and today we’ve got rain, rain, and more rain, and do you know what one calls 1,000 lawyers on the bottom of the ocean?

That’s right, yesterday morning during rush hour there was a big traffic backup at a big intersection over in Pasco County. Apparently there was a dead pig in the middle of the intersection blocking things up. I have been unable to get any more information about this one.

Yesterday and today we’ve had a ton of rain, and while it’s quiet now, the radar seems to show that we are going to get more. I’ve had to pump water out of the pool a couple times. We’ve needed some rain, but be careful what you wish for. We really got it, and it has come in downpours when it rains. I had to drive up to the north side of town to run some errands, and that meant making my way through several areas where the streets get very flooded.

In Tarpon Springs a police officer has resigned amid allegations that he slashed the tires on a homeless person’s bicycles. Apparently he was mad because the homeless addressed several times with racial epithets (reportedly the “n” word) over and over after he arrested the homeless person on a trespassing charge.

Tampa Tribune File Photo

Tampa Tribune File Photo

So, the answer to the lawyer question above (What does one call 1,000 lawyers on the bottom of the ocean?) is “a good start.” A couple of months ago a thug named Richard McTear was arrested for allegedly throwing his teenage girlfriend’s baby on the concrete floor in her apartment, the tossing the baby from a car window out on the interstate. The baby died. Bedwell, the baby’s mother, is herself receiving services from DCF. She had problems with McTear, and had the Sheriff’s Department close a case against him, and DCF lower their concern level after she promised to seek a court order to keep McTear away. She didn’t, so now she is, big surprise, suing everyone in sight, including DCF and Sheriff’s Office.

But her money-grubbing attorney’s are also suing…wait for it…the apartment managers where she lived, because they supposedly didn’t provide enough security to keep this from happening.


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Mar 132005

Traffic (2000)A conservative judge is appointed by the President to spearhead America’s escalating war against drugs, only to discover that his teenage daughter is an addict.

Directed by
Steven Soderbergh

Crime, Drama, Thriller

Benicio Del Toro, Jacob Vargas, Andrew Chavez, Michael Saucedo, Tomas Milian, Jose Yenque, Emilio Rivera, Michael O’Neill, Michael Douglas, Russell G. Jones, Lorene Hetherington, Eric Collins, Beau Holden, Peter Stader, James Lew

No compromises here. Traffic takes a long, hard look at the narcotics industry in North America and manages to entertain at the same time. The triple plot allows you to see the whole industry with multiple perspectives. The movie is visually stunning, loved the different filters for the three locations.

That the war on drugs cannot be won, and is hypocritical to boot, is a message that needs as much air-time as it can get.

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