TSA Bumper Stickers

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Dec 012010

Well, you knew it would be just a matter of time. I think I want one of each. My personal favorite, the one about the Freedom Pat. I can see some Congressman startting to use that to justify TSA.

Can’t See London, Can’t See France, Unless I see your Underpants

If We Did Our Job Any Better, We’d Have to Take You To Dinner First!

Don’t Worry, My Hands are Still Warm from the Last Guy

Wanna Fly? Drop Yours!

It’s Not a Grope. It’s a Freedom Pat.

We are now free to move about your pants.

We Handle More Packages Than UPS.

Letter to Congress About Marines on No-Fly List

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Apr 132006

After reading of a Marine Reservist placed on TSA’s no-fly list because gun powder was found on his boots, I wrote the following to my congressional delegation. I would invite you to take action as well.

I am reading the morning news and come across to this story on MSNBC. Apparently, a Marine reservist had served a two month tour in Iraq. Then, this past June, while boarding a plane in Minneapolis to go to training (before another tour in Iraq), TSA found traces of gun powder on his boots. (Whoa! I guess they were expecting the fragrance of the flowers we all were promised the Iraqi’s would be throwing at our troops.)

He was detained then, and that resulted in his name being added to the infamous, no-fly list. That resulted in his not being permitted to board a recent flight from Los Angeles to Minneapolis AS HE WAS RETURNING HOME WITH HIS UNIT FROM IRAQ.

So, Marine Staff Sgt. Daniel Brown joins the illustrious list with the likes of known terrorist Sen. Ted Kennedy.

How long is it going to take for you all in Congress to realize the absurdity of this list, and put an end to this? Please tell me that you all are as incompetent as the people at TSA? Do you not, by now, realize that no list maintained by the federal government has ever been of any significant value, and is typically a detriment? Please do not send a form letter with no real answer to my question. I want you to explain to me why I am, through my taxes, paying salaries to clearly incompetent people to maintain a completely ineffective program? And as noted above, I’d like to know when you will take action to end this absurdity?

I look forward to your response.