Jul 272017

A recent experience caused me to gain some insight into the process the local transit authority, HART (Hillsborough County, FL) for those with medical requirements needing their door-to-door services. It is, as it turns out, way more complex than it should be, and likely makes flat impractical from some people who need the service on a shorter-term basis to be able to use it.

Let me start with some background. I have received physical therapy at a rehabilitation facility on South Dale Mabry Hwy. (I drive, and this really isn’t about me, but there was a situation that caused me to be aware of your current process.) Earlier this week, there was an older lady there receiving therapy for her knee. As I was leaving, she was limping along up the service road, so I stopped to offer her a ride. She said she was just going to the bus stop, but that was in front of the Lowes (at least a block from the facility), and across the very busy highway. It would have taken her some time at her pace, at midday, to make it to the stop. Continue reading »

Boston's Big Dig–Top Secret Stuff

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Apr 022007

In Boston, the state is trying to shut down a lawsuit brought by the family of Milena Del Valle, who was killed last July when 12 tons of Boston’s Big Dig tunnel fell on her husband’s car. The excuse they’ve given this time is that if they turn over relevant documents to the family, the nation’s transportation security could be compromised. By discovering exactly what shortcuts they took in building the thing and where it’s likely to kill someone next? (I’ve survived two trips through the Big Dig and I hope never to be caught down there again, especially with the state continuing its cover-up of just how shoddy a job the Big Dig really was.)

Is there ANYTHING this bunch of goobers won’t roll out the “9/11” mantra for in order to avoid responsibility? How long are we going to let the government, at every level, hide behind this lame-ass excuse?