Fun For Friday

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Aug 272010

So, I haven’t been posting very much lately. Work has been very busy, but as the boss says, “it’s better than the alternative.” I was in Washington, D.C. three days this week. Yesterday involved a meeting at the Pentagon. This is my first time visiting there, and it was very interesting. We had to go through three different sign-in’s, and then lock our cell phones and electronics in a safe before finally going into the conference room for the meeting.

The United flight I was planning to take home used to leave at like 6:50pm. Fortunately I looked at the itinerary in time to realize the time was rolled-back to 5:40. I made it to the gate with no problem, but was a little more rushed than I wanted to be. Of course, we didn’t leave on time. Oh we were boarded and pushed back right on schedule. Then, sitting out on the tarmac in a baking hot plane with no AC, they spent an hour trying to a get the engines started. When they gave that up, they said we’d have to be towed back to the gate, and for some reason it took over 20 minutes to get the tug out and hooked up. At least they had it repaired in about 30 minutes.

So, with all that said, here’s something to make your Friday a little more fun. I find the folks able to do this amazing, and I admit to the sin of coveting their skill. I wish I could do it.


Late Heading Home

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Dec 072007

Evening SnowI’ve been in Reston, VA since Tuesday. I flew up for a series of work related meetings at my company’s headquarters. Now I’m trying to get home. Due to some slightly bad weather, things are running about ninety minutes behind (so far). I’m hoping it doesn’t get any worse.

The weather has actually been pleasant up here for me this week. Most of the residents didn’t care too much for it, but it was cold without being bitterly cold, and there was a very nice pretty snow that fell Wednesday. It made the usually ridiculous traffic even worse, but we don’t stay far from the office. I enjoyed having the chance to watch the snow fall. It kind of helped me get in a holiday mood.

Now I’m ready to head home. I was originally on a 9:30 pm flight, but learned yesterday that today’s meeting would wind up early enough for me to be on the earlier 6:30 flight. Fortunately I got on that since it’s already running an hour late. I’m sure the later flight will be running late as well. As usual on a weather-affected Friday afternoon/evening, the airport is a zoo. It’s times like this that make the Red Carpet Club worth the expense. I’m able to slip off into a corner work cubicle and enjoy some relative peace and quiet.

This weekend will be busy since I’ve been out of town for the week. I have the outside decorations up at the house, but the inside stuff will have to be done this weekend, and I’d like to get a lot of the holiday shopping out of the way. I may take Monday off and do some it also.

AC On A Plane

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Aug 272007

I am on my way to North Carolina this morning for a weeks work at a client site. The temperature was already warming up, and my seat was on the sunny side of the plane. It occurred to me that these commercial jet liners must cost in the hundreds of millions, but the manufacturers have yet to figure out how to include an air conditioning system that can keep up on a hot Florida day. .

May 142007

The following are odds and ends from the news this week ending May 13, 2007.

Minister Arrested, Charged With Cocaine Possession (from

TAMPA – A 70-year-old minister faces drug charges after police said he was found with 16 rocks of crack cocaine at his church Sunday.

David Brian Anton of Land O’ Lakes was approached by an officer in Living Word Fellowship church’s parking lot at 8216 N. 13th St., according to an arrest affidavit. Anton agreed to be searched and the officer noticed a plastic baggie with 16 rocks of crack cocaine in Anton’s left shirt pocket, the affidavit states. Police also recovered a crack pipe, according to the affidavit.

I’m just never really sure about these stories. If you knew you had a bag of crack and a crack pipe on you, why would you submit to a search? These kinds of incidents just always sound fishy to me.

No Time to Collect News

I just did not have much time last week to collect news. Heck, I didn’t even have time to read much news. I was on the road from Monday afternoon until about 1pm Saturday morning. This week was Chicago and Atlanta to work some software user-group conferences.

Not being clear what time we could take down the exhibit Friday afternoon at the Atlanta conference, I’d scheduled my flight for 8:15 getting home about 11pm. We were able to tear down fairly early, so we got to the airport about 4pm. The other guy with me had choices to get back to New York on a pretty much hourly basis, and plenty of seats available. There were only two earlier flights to Tampa, and both were book solid, as was my flight.

I don’t have status on Delta, so not only was I in the last row of seating, I knew I didn’t have much chance of being on one of the earlier flights. I tried to check in at the automated kiosks, and had some trouble. I got in the line for the agents, and noticed that my 8:15 flight was already delayed by 45 minutes. This is never good, and the delay is never just 45 minutes.

Lay called while I was waiting, and he had a good suggestion. We decided I’d probably wind up getting home about the same time if I rented a car and drove. Sounded like an OK idea with me. I had a good Audio Book (The Camel Club) on my phone, and new hack that will let me listen through a blue-tooth headset. I rent from Avis all the time, and called them, however they were saying they had no cars for one-way rental. I asked the supervisor to call the manager at the Atlanta station and ask him or her directly. I then got a car.

The drive went pretty well, and I was home about 1:30am, Saturday. I did get some traffic getting out of Atlanta, and I stopped to eat. I talked to a guy today that was on that flight, and he didn’t get home until nearly 1am taking the flight. It was further delayed.

The smoke from the wildfires was really thick in south Georgia and several miles into Florida. I stopped at GA exit 2 buy lottery tickets (Mega Millions was $122m…I figured I could get by on that if I won.), and just walking from the car into the store and back out made my clothes smell like smoke. It was really thick.

Apr 252007

As one friend noted, I’m doing the rock star tour. I am headed to Pittsburgh this morning, and will fly into Reston, VA tonight for some meetings at our headquarters tomorrow. Tomorrow night I fly to New York City for a software user conference Friday. Finally home tomorrow night. I was going to purchase an upgrade for this flight to Pittsburgh. The system messed up and didn’t take my credit card, and he couldn’t backup, so he just issued the upgrade. I can live with that.

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

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Sep 272005

Speaking yesterday at the Department of Energy, President Bush said, "We can all pitch in…by being better conservers of energy. I mean, people just need to recognize that the storms have caused disruption and that if they’re able to maybe not drive when they — on a trip that’s not essential, that would helpful." The good news is that Bush has acknowledged the value of conservation. The bad news is that the country, struggling under the burden of high gas prices, needs more than limp sloganeering. President Bush has consistently rejected legislative and regulatory policies that would result in significant energy conservation. (In 2001, Vice President Cheney said "conservation may be a sign of personal virtue, but it’s not a basis for a sound, comprehensive energy policy.") Nothing in his comments yesterday indicated that Bush is ready to change course.

Bush’s comments yesterday — encouraging the country to skip non-essential trips — raised questions about his own recent travel habits. Today, Bush embarks on his seventh trip to the Gulf Coast this month. (According to the Air Force, "fuel costs for Air Force One have risen to $6,029 per hour, up from $3,974 an hour in the last budget year.") White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan said the president took the trips because he needed "to provide support or encouragement to lift the spirits of all those who have been working around the clock to help people in need."