More From the Uhmerikah Front

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Feb 052014

marco-rubio-watergateMarco Rubio shared a link to a National Review article about the U.N. report on the Catholic Church’s worldwide problem of child abuse. The report, not surprisingly seems to be in favor of said child abuse, and is indignant that the U.N. would have the gall to call out the Catholic Church on its many abuses. Since he’s provided the link on his Facebook page, I have to assume Marco supports that view.

I suppose it shouldn’t be a surprise that he’d support the Catholic Church no matter what…he claims to be a Catholic. Never mind that he was born and raised Mormon, supposedly converted to Catholicism, but reportedly attends (on the rare occasions he goes to church…I’d guess during election periods) a Baptist church.

But this isn’t about him, but about the comments demanding that the U.N. be kicked out of the United States. Darla Rodriguez leaves the best comment of all, saying, “The U.N. is corrupted. Time to close it’s doors and move it out of the USA. The U.N. has numerous cases of rape, child abuse laying at their front door…they are hypocrites.”

Do these people ever read what they write?

My reply to that Darla, if corruption, rape, and child abuse are indeed grounds for an institution to close its doors, then why are you not demanding the closing of the Catholic Church? I know there are many good people who are Catholic, but the church, as an institution, has turned those three things into an art form.

The stupid burns.

Weekly Weirdness for July 4th, 2008

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Jul 052008

Nelson MandelaNelson Mandela Can Now Travel to the U.S. (From the BBC)
I didn’t know this, but apparently our illustrious Department of Homeland Stupidity classes Nelson Mandela as a terrorist. It seems DHS classed everyone ever in the African National Congress (ANC) a terrorist. Fortunately, Congress and the President passed special legislation that will allow him to visit the U.N. Headquarters in New York without a special waiver from the Secretary of State. I’m sure glad we got around to clearing that up.

Pot Grower Puts House on Market is reporting that Evarista Ruiz-Ortiz, 36, of 1741 W. Powhatan had 39 pot plants growing in her house. The article doesn’t say how the police found out, but she’d tapped directly into the overhead line for power, and had the house listed for sale. Maybe not he brightest person on the planet. But then again, times are tough, you gotta get gas money somehow.

Naked Man in Downtown Palmetto
There’s a report from the Sarasota Herald Tribune of a nake man run amok in downtown Palmetto. It appears he disrobed in front of some woman in a store while she was in the restroom (I didn’t quite understand that). The lady ran out and the store manager confronted the guy. Apparently, he calmly walked out of the store to the street, where the spectacle promptly caused a couple of traffice accidents. The most interesting part of the story is that the police drugs and alcohol didn’t appear to be involved.

Maybe The Most Remarkable Show of Gall Ever

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Jun 282005

The UN just celebrated the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture.

Bush happily and unselfconsciously weighed in with these words, per USA Today of 6/27:

“Freedom from torture is an inalienable human right, and we are committed to building a world where human rights are respected and protected by the rule of law.”

And if it takes torturing a bunch of thugs and criminals and terrorists to get to that world, by God you can be damn sure we’re the ones to do it!