Sep 152016

Douchebag ButtonI don’t normally have a problem with UPS, but when things go wrong, they really go wrong. The latest is a new desk chair I ordered via Amazon. The chair, due to size and weight I assume, comes only via standard ground, but that was fine. Shipped a day or two sooner than promised, and actually arrived a couple of days sooner.

As background, you need to know that I sit down a hall in my home office about 15 steps from the front door…straight up a hallway. I can hear the door hanger people when they come by and hang stuff on the door knob. There was no knock and no doorbell yesterday morning and learned the package was delivered via their email notification system.

Went to the front door to bring it in, and I can only figure that the box must have fallen out back-door of his truck, slid off a bridge landing on the road below, and that he then ran over it when he came around to pick it up. I have never received a box as battered and torn as this box. Some rough attempt had been made to tape it all up, but there was an uncovered part I could put two of my fists through. I’m guessing the driver knew I’d never accept the package in that condition, so he took off. Continue reading »