Big Doings for Labor Day At Our House

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Sep 082009
Lay getting his certificate

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It was a big weekend for us this weekend, but in the end, I did get some rest after Saturday.

The weekend started Friday afternoon with Lay’s Graduation Ceremony from the Fire Academy. Fortunately, they even got his nephews out of school to come attend. Then we all came back here for a cookout and swimming. Then the nephews stayed over.

We took the boys home Saturday, and then did kind of take it easy Saturday night, with dinner at Mimi’s restaurant, and we watched Adventureland here at home (review to follow).

I went to Sunday School Sunday morning.

Last week the TV in the living room at Lay’s parent’s house went out, and I mean went out. Were there, and while there weren’t flames and smoke, you sure could smell that acrid burning electronics smell. We got it unplugged and outside. Of course, that meant a new TV. With all their children chipping in, Lay and I spent Sunday afternoon finding them a new TV. We found a couple we liked at CompUSA, but the store here in Tampa didn’t have either of the ones we wanted in a box. They had tons of both at the CompUSA in Clearwater, so we had to go there.

Yesterday, Lay worked on his car, and I did the grocery shopping, ran to Office Depot for printer ink, and got the pictures from the party all uploaded (which you can see here>>). We went to a cookout at a friends house. The food was good, and we met a couple of new people. They had a Wii, and I serious trounced my friend Jeff in, if you can believe it, Dance Dance Revolution.

Last night, once we got home, we watched “State of Play.”

Spiffing up Deep Sand a Little

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Jun 292009

I’m taking this week, so today I gave myself a little time with my hobby, Deep Sand. If you’ve watched the stream, you noticed a number of posts sort of catching up on some movie reviews, and I still have a couple to do. I also incorporated some new functions into the front facing parts of the blog.

To start with, we can now keep the featured posts “featured” for a little longer. We’ve added a java script “slider” that will scroll through the four most recent posts to the featured category. This took some work, and I had to learn a little more about programming, as I wanted to incorporate another plugin into the scrolling plugin. This captures the first image attached to the post and automatically converts it to a thumbnail and displays it in the featured area. I think it’s kind of cool.

I also added a Social Stream page which catalogs all my social site activity such as Twitter and Facebook. Why, I don’t know…mainly because there was an intriguing plugin that does that, so I decided to play around with it.

I’ve also cleaned up the side bars a bit using an according tabbed widget plugin. I hope you like what we’ve done.

Slack Once Again

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Jul 292007

I wasn’t quite as busy this past week, but I did have to travel to North Carolina on business the first couple of days of the week. I flew in Monday and spent Tuesday night in Kings Mountain visiting Mom. I had dinner with Mom and my sister Robin Tuesday night, and lunch with my other sister and her two children Wednesday before heading home.

The airplane flights, were as always, packed to the gills. I’m off to NYC next Sunday afternoon for a Monday morning meeting (why our sales guy does that, I don’t know).

Of course, by Wednesday all hell had broken loose again at work, and I’m now as busy as ever. I was supposed to be off Friday, but that didn’t happen. I wanted to do some writing on the blog this past week, but I sort of convinced that there was one plugin not working, so I was waiting to see of the developers could get that problem resolved. I looks as though they may have, but that’s yet to be determined.

I do have lots of material to cover, and I will be in the office all this week. I have much writing to do for work, but I plan to make some time to get back to more regular blogging. It won’t be every day, but close to it.

Small Room-Small Man

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Mar 022006

It turns out that George Bush wasn’t being completely honest explaining the federal government’s response to Katrina. I know this will come as a big shock to many of you, but when W said that no one thought it would be as bad as it was, and no one could have anticipated the levee breach, he wasn’t telling the whole truth.

The Associated Press seems to have the video tape of a video conference briefing in which FEMA Director, Mike “Brownie” Brown is seen saying, this is going to be the big one. To his credit,?Brownie even raises concerns about the use of the Super Dome as a shelter. The Director of NOAA’s Hurricane Center said that no one could say the levee’s wouldn’t be breached. All the while Bush is sitting in a tiny conference room saying nothing, asking nothing, and finally simply making the statement to the local officials that the federal government will deploy whatever resources it has available. With everyone saying this is as powerful as Andrew, but not like Andrew because Katrina is much bigger, yet Bush doesn’t have a single question.

It appeared that W was viewing this as little more than a distraction to his vacation and something that should be handled by his minions. Then he lies, gets caught, and goes on his merry way with the free pass from our illustrious fourth estate, the main stream media.