Apr 242012
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Well, of course the war over writing bigotry and discrimination into the North Carolina Constitution is in full swing. I am sadly disappointed that this is what my home state has come to, but I’m not surprised. I’ve talked to several of the legislators who voted to put this on the ballot, and they absolve themselves by saying, “Well, I just think the people should vote.” But when I ask them why they don’t put every civil right on the ballot, I was called, “absurd.” So according to one House member from Kings Mountain, and on Senator from Shelby, it’s absurd to put civil rights to a vote, unless of course, it’s the civil rights of gay people.

Sadly, I think both of the people I spoke with, truth be known, are inclined towards the homosexual side of the scale, but that’s for another time.

Here’s a video which says pretty much all that needs to be said…

Christmas 2010-A Good One

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Jan 032011

Well, Christmas 2010 has come and gone. Nothing left to do but pack up the decorations. I’d have to rate it as a pretty good Christmas. I think I managed to stick to a fairly tight budget, and despite a few arguments with Lay, we wound up with everyone getting something they really enjoyed.

I got my shopping and gift wrapping done well ahead of time this year. The decorations were up right after Thanksgiving, and the Christmas Cards went out just after that, so I never felt rushed or hectic personally. Work was a killer right up to the end though.

I drove to North Carolina the Thursday before. Friday, Robin and Don came over for dinner and we all attended the Christmas Eve service at Mom’s church. We hadn’t been in a few years, and that suited me as I didn’t like their pastor at all. They now have a new one, and he seems like a pretty good person.

Christmas Day was quiet most of the day. Jay and LeeAnn didn’t come until late that day, and then went to Jay’s family for the evening. That meant it was mostly just Mom and me, and that was fine. We didn’t notice, but it started snowing about 6pm. We went outside to go to Mom’s friend’s house, and a nice light snow was falling, and already covering the ground. It came heavy a few times. By the next morning, we had a beautiful snow, so we spent time outside on the sleds, and I drove uptown and got a few pictures. I made a video which you can watch below.

I drove home Sunday afternoon, and had no weather related problems. In fact, I made it home in 10 hours and 15 minutes, which pretty much constitutes a record.

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Amazing Bike Tricks

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Sep 282009

Here’s a video of some kids doing some amazing bicycle tricks. I was never able to ride my bike like, and I think I’m glad I didn’t try to learn. Along with the amazing tricks, there are some pretty rough looking falls. (Thanks to Americablog)

I remember getting out of school early once and not really knowing why. I thought it was just raining lightly, but it turns out it was freezing rain, and there was a light layer of ice over our gravel road. I went blasting down the road on my bike, hit the brakes, and took a nice long slide. The ice was thick enough to have covered all the gravel.


NOMs Hip 2M4M Campaign

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Jul 282009

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM), one of the extreme right-wing fringe groups, has what they think is a hip new campaign they called 2M4M. Kind of like the tea-baggers, I’m guessing they didn’t think through the title completely before going public.

But that’s just fine, since it gives us all plenty to laugh about. And Joe Sudbay at Americablog has tipped me off to hilarious video by Andy Cobb about the 2M4M initiative by NOM.