God Not Happy With the Prada Pope’s Hate Speech

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Aug 242011

Of course the kind and loving Christians here in the U.S. are scrambling to blame yesterday’s earthquate on Teh Gayz (we’ll have more on that later), but the Pope was busy Sunday in Spain speaking out to deny gay people equal treatment under the law. Unfortunately for Pope Prada, God wasn’t too happy with what he had to say.

Kevin Farrell says it best at Unicron Booty where he posted:

Pope Benedict XVI remembered the Sabbath and kept it holy yesterday by giving a rousing homophobic speech to a crowd of one million in Madrid about the societal perils of gay marriage, or as we like to call it – marriage.

But the Lord was having none of it!

In a gesture that surely could only have been intended to say, “STFU,” God whipped up a surprise wind storm and knocked the hat right off of the pope’s smarmy head. The tumultuous weather shook the stage and knocked over a tent, literally forcing the pope to abandon his bigoted speech halfway through to seek shelter.

So, if God sent the earthquake because gay people can marry in D.C. (never mind it was centered in Eric Cantor’s congressional district, not D.C.), then he obviously also sent the windstorm which forced the Pope to run for cover when he tried to convince the world’s young people that gay folks aren’t worthy. Bless his heart.