Feb 012008

99 Fake IDs – TBO.com
It seems some guy from Chicago and a lady friend got caught at the airport after stealing three credit cards from the purse of another traveler. In the course of investigating, police found a bag with 99 fake IDs. I wonder if the police ever really determined the guys true identity?

Fake Bomb Sneaked by TSA Screeners in Tampa – CNN
CNN was allowed to follow a TSA tester as he slipped a fake explosive device, concealed in a back brace, past screeners at the Tampa Airport. I have my ID in a little flip open folder, but now you have to take it out so they can catch the fake ones, but as noted earlier, a guy got through with 99 fake IDs. I guess I wouldn’t mind the security hassles, if I thought for one minute that most of them actually had some value.

107 Busts at Gasparilla – Tampa Tribune
The Tribune reports there were 107 arrests during Gasparilla Sunday. 11 felonies and 96 misdemeanors including 9 charges of boating while intoxicated. Given that about 400,000 people attend, that’s not bad.

Brain Vaccum – Wired
Nope, not the title of a new B-Grade Sci-Fi movie…It seems researchers have developed a tiny vaccum that be sent up arteries to the brain for stroke victims and suction out the blockage. It seems the challenge is determining which patients will benefit. According to doctors, in some cases, it is best to leave the blockage.

Chocolate Going Up – MSNBC.com
MSNBC is reporting that Hershey is raising the price of chocolate bars by 13% due to the increasing cost of energy, milk and cococoa.