A Clean Upgrade to Deep Sand

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Aug 072008

If you visited Deep Sand earlier this week, you might have gotten a message saying we were temporarily unavailable. I was performing an upgrade to a new version of the software. Normally, that’s not a huge task, but this time I wanted to get as clean a database and code base as possible. Over the years, a lot of additional tables for plugins and files and folders and options settings have been left behind. I wanted to get that cleaned out.

I pulled a current back up of the site (site files and database). Then I uploaded the new version and ran the upgrade routine. This meant that database would be updated to the current format (whatever changes that might mean).

I made sure that all the plugins we currently use here were up-to-date (the WordPress team has made that a lot easier). I then took a clean set of the latest WordPress files (2.6, but this technique could be used for any version I believe), and downloaded all the current plugin files and theme files we use here on Deep. I made sure I got rid of plugin files no longer in use. I also downloaded an additional backup of the database file from the upgraded version.  Continue reading »