A Bit of Tingle Up the Spine

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Sep 132012

Of course you can’t escape the fact that Tuesday was the anniversary of a horrible day for the world. It was, certainly, one of those days in history where everything changed, and unfortunately, in this case, not for the better. The day after was the day when, having spent the 11th glued to the TV watching slack-jawed, we started trying to sort it all out. We wanted to know who did it, why, and what we were going to do about it. It’s the day we woke up to a new world.

Yesterday, I had decided to clean out the closet here in the office. I’d let it get totally unorganized, and I had more unneeded crap in there than one can shake a stick at. Don’t ask me why, but I think I had the box from every cell phone I ever owned. As I finally got worked down to the bottom of the closet, on the floor in a back corner was a Target bag. As my good friend Chef Rick would say, “I said to myself; self, what could be in there?” Continue reading »