Jul 212004

So what’s happening today? Well, for some reason its not been a great day. Because of some things I’ve heard, I’m just not sure the company I work for is going to have people doing what I do a lot longer, so I guess its time, much to my regret, to refresh the resume and start looking around. I do not have enough set aside right now to weather a term of unemployment, so better safe than sorry. I can’t think of anything I hate worse than looking for a job.

There was a lot to get done today before heading off to the airport to catch a flight to Washington. We’ll be going into the Shenandoah Valley tomorrow to call the local phone company there. Anyway, I just couldn’t seem to get it all done on time. I was running late to the airport, but as usual, the Tampa Airport had everything working well (even TSA security), so I was at the gate with time to spare.

This morning I fired up the email and all my personal accounts were not working. I went to my blog and it was all hosed, as were the blogs I host for friends. The hosting company did get everything restored in fairly short order. It’s not a bad outfit. I’ve had my frustrations with them from time-to-time, but the price is right, and most of the time they respond fairly well to rare outages. Its called No Monthly Fees, and I have a number of sites hosted with them.

One of the sites I do for fun (in fact all but one are for fun) is for my church, Palma Ceia United Methodist Church. They record the sermons to tape, and last Sunday I brought the tape home, used Real Producer and recorded the tape to Real Audio format and have it streaming from the website. I thought that was pretty cool.

I have another site that’s in the process of being redesigned for the New England of the Association for Information and Image Management. I’m a ling-time member of the Association (not that chapter of course), and have been doing their website for quite a while. I’m employing a content management system to handle news and their President’s message. This will allow them to a number of their own updates.

This post was mainly just to unload a little about the day, and tell you what’s going on. Now, before we begin our descent into the Washington area, time close out this one and write some about the news.

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