Jul 182004

This was a really lazy weekend. Finally we got rain in the area, and boy did it rain. Interestingly, the Anthem at church this morning was "Deep River" and the children’s service was about Noah. I have pumped water out of the pool three times this weekend. It was badly needed though.

That being the case, it meant we didn’t do much. Friday evening Lay wasn’t in a great mood, so he stayed here while I went to see the movie White Chicks with our friends Mike and Jeff. Well, Jeff kept talking about what time it was playing at Westshore Theatre, but then decided we’d go to Channelside Theatre (where the movie was NOT playing). Good to have bright friends. So we watched Spiderman 2. It was okay, but nothing to really write home about.

Then Lay and went for a couple of drinks at City Side (our usual Friday night haunt here in Tampa), and then over to St. Pete to Georgie’s Alibi. Saturday Lay slept most of the day, and I did take a nice long two hour nap Saturday afternoon. (Lay tries to stay on his third shift schedule as much as possible on the weekends.) Lay and me went to see "Dodge Ball" last night after dinner at the Central Avenue Seafood in St. Pete. (Great oysters!) Dodge Ball was pretty funny. Kind of silly, but you know to expect that. Lay laughed through the whole thing.

Lay slept a nap, then he headed out to the Seminole Casino, where he came home $60 ahead for a change. I got up sort of early. The Senior Minister’s wife usually does the sound for the two services in the Sanctuary, but they are on vacation this month, so I covered the 8:30 and 10:30 services. Brought home one of the tapes and recorded it to Real Media and have it streaming from the Church Website. I thought that was pretty cool.

This afternoon, as we seem to do almost every Sunday, we had dinner at Jeff and Mike’s. Then played some cards. They have turned us on to a game called Shanghi. I didn’t do so good this week.

Back to grindstone tomorrow with lots to do. I’m going up to D.C. Wednesday evening for a Thursday morning trip with Suresh into the Shennadoah Valley to the phone company there. I’m coming on home Thursday evening.

Well, are you bored to tears. It was that kind of weekend, but actually that was all right with me.

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