Aug 302004

Saturday was a busy day with yard work, and boy was it hot. I made me realize how bad it must be south of here. I was just trimming hedges. Those people are clearing up whole trees, and in some cases their entire house, and many don’t have a readily available air conditioned place to escape and cool off. When I think about from that perspective, its a lot harder to complain.

We had dinner with some friends Friday night. Steak and Chicken on the grill, and some great conversation, and lots of laughs. We came home from there, as Lay wasn’t feeling good.

I went to Church yesterday, and then, while Lay did homework, I did nothing…and it was nice. I did record the Real Stream of the church service and got that loaded to their website.

Sunday evening we went to see the Jet Li movie, "Hero." It was visually stunning for a while, but then all the "flowing robes" got a little tedious. There was a lot of symbolism and allegory in the movie, but it did get a little tedious for me after a while…oh, and be prepared…we didn’t realize it was subtitled. Not a bad experience though. Probably I’d have to say it is worth seeing.

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