Sep 022004

A new update is due out soon, but I thought I’d post this from the National Hurricane Center for anyone interested.

Click this image for a full size image of the hurricane track

You can click on this thumbnail for a full size image.

As its projected right now, still looks pretty much like last evening, so I think we will start getting rain and increasing winds Saturday morning early, and probably been under the effects of the hurricane until sometime late Sunday evening. The main concerns are that it is slowing down some. That’s never good.

In addition, it has not yet turned as far north as I would have hoped. The high pressure currently steering the storm has kept it somewhat more south than first expected. Also, the storm is big, with hurricane force winds almost 100 miles across. So, if it tracks as projected here, going through Orlando, we will most likely experience at or near hurricane force winds here in Tampa.

It’s creating a lot of rain, and be had nearly double the average rainfall for August here, so the ground is saturated. There’s just now where for the water to go.

It’s a tense situation.

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