May 242005

It was one year ago today that I made my first post here on Deep Something. This post marks 312 entries.

In review, I’d have to say it has been a great place for me to blow off steam. I have not gotten nearly the number of comments I wanted, so maybe it hasn’t been as much fun for you as for me. But alas, I continue to plug along. I have written more about politics that I originally envisioned, but then I never expected to come to fear for our democracy as I have.

Traffic to the site has been on a gradual increase. In July of last year, the site got 655 visits. We peaked at nearly 4,700 hundred visits in February, and had 3,900 last month. Please keep dropping by.

During this coming year, maybe I’ll try to get more personal about what’s going on. That may interest you less, but its kind of important to me.

Anyway, I have enjoyed having this place to comment and complain. I hope you’ll continue visiting, and I really wish some of you would leave some comments. I know some of you people, and you are just as outspoken as I am…so what are you waiting for? I know you disagree with me on some of this, so say so.

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