Nov 202005

Well, thank goodness Tropical Depression, Tropical Storm, Tropical Depression (again) Gamma has pretty much fallen apart. On top of that, the Hurricane Center has it tracking very far south of Florida now. In fact, they no longer have Gamma even coming near Cuba.

This has certainly been a record-breaking year for tropical activity, and everyone seems to be in agreement that the storms seemed to be consistently stronger than in previous years.

Some researchers and other weather authorities believe this increased activity and severity is the result of global warming. Others say its just part of a normal cycle. To introduce a new feature on Deep Sand, I’ve got an informal poll running in the right hand sidebar to see what you think might be the cause of this record breaking year.

I have come to believe that we are experiencing global warming, and it is have an impact. I remember while in school at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC we would have snow on the ground from early December through late February or early March every winter. They don’t seem to get nearly as much snow up there now. Even where I grew up in the Piedmont of North Carolina used to get a couple of pretty snows each year, now they mostly have to deal with ice storms.

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