Jul 232006

Again, the week was somewhat hectic, so I didn’t get to posting much.

This weekend was fairly slow and quiet. Friday evening I did a major cleaning on the pool pump. The pool’s been cloudy a lot lately, so finally I just broke it completely down. Saturday morning I did some cleanup around the yard and the house.

I also spent some time on two blogging projects. If you happened by the blog during the course of the weekend, you may have noticed it having a different look. WordPress, the blog software I use,?uses a “theme” system, and like with the plug ins, lots of people have created some really nice themes. However, I have a good deal of customization done to the current theme. This would have to be recreated in any new theme, and some of the things I use are more difficult to integrate in some of the themes.

I should have a development blog set up to test on, but I just haven’t taken the time, and this blog doesn’t generate revenue or anything, so it’s not that important that it stay up. I have found a couple that I like, but the transition isn’t complete.

Also, I have registered a domain and have some hosting space where I can provide blogs to friends. I’m working on a standard install with a selectable theming system that will allow me to quickly setup blogs for some friends. I have that pretty much taken care of, now I need to write some “how-to” documentation as these friends aren’t technical at all. WordPress has a very extensive Codex, but it is almost too extensive and complex. I need something that is very straightforward with instructions on the basic stuff.

We stayed up kind of late last night watching TV. I had to get up early this morning to pick up our good friends Mike and Jeff at the airport. They were coming back from a vacation that included taking in Madonna in Philadelphia, and then visiting Jeff’s family. We had a late lunch at their house. An ex of Jeff’s, B.R., had taken care of their house and dogs while they were gone, and he had fixed lunch.

After-wards, we went out to the Brandon Mall and did some shopping. This weekend started the back to school tax free days here in Florida. Clothes are included in that week.

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