May 182012
  • Boarding soon for Charlotte I hope. Stopping off to visit mom. (@ Gate A6) #
  • Having dinner with Mom. Salad, zuchinni and sirloin. (@ Ruby Tuesday) #
  • I just unlocked the "Photogenic" badge on @foursquare! Say cheese! #
  • Waiting on my flight home. Busy three days in D.C. last week, and then a nice weekend with Mom. #
  • I just reached Level 2 of the "Jetsetter" badge on @foursquare. I’ve checked in at 5 different airports! #
  • * "Oh, and as I was writing the intentional comment about her "secret" marriage, I'm reminded of the vigirous c…" #
  • * "Sounds like a great idea for novel Mags…please, take a three year sabbatical and go write it. I promise to…" #
  • * "What a sad old man. If he weren't such a jerk, projecting his own issues on a whole group, I'd feel sorry fo…" #
  • * "And do not forget that Billy Graham came out in favor of Amendment 1. Like it or not, that had a huge impact…" #
  • * "I have never met the guy in person, but is there any doubt? What a friend of Dorothy she is. I'll be Tony ow…" #
  • * "Marketing experts will also tell you that half the people who signed will still go to the store closest to t…" #
  • * "Besides…isn't it supposed to bad form to boycott businesses…Isn't that what Tony Perkins always says?" #
  • * "At least this time she finally, when saying she disagrees with us on marriage, she also added the part of ho…" #
  • * "And then, she doesn't want to live in an America when you have to be afraid to say that what is best for chi…" #

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