Jul 242004

I heard something the other day that disturbs me a great deal, but it comes as no surprise. I don’t remember the exact language, but basically it came down to John Kerry try to portray himself as having the same conservative values as George Bush. Frankly, as a democrat, I resent that…but understand it.

I realize what the Kerry campaign was trying to do was portray John Kerry as caring about families, apple pie, motherhood, and all those things. What I just can’t understand is why we’ve allowed society to assign a negative connotation to liberalism such that the label has become the kiss of death for politicians. This happened during the Reagan administration. Regardless of what you think of Reagan, he took control of the political landscape and shaped it for all these years.

I could never run a democratic campaign. I’d advise my candidate to come out with a, "Hell yes I’m a liberal and damned proud of it." Liberals and democratic governments have brought us most of the best and most important government programs and initiatives. Liberals are the ones interested in taking care of "the least of these." Conservatives are about telling you what you can do in your bedroom…because there’s an omnipotent God of Universe who has a compelling interest in who you or me loves.

I want John Kerry and John Edwards to quit dodging the label. I want them to wear it big and proud, and go back to reminding Americans that liberals have done more for the middle class and working poor than the conservatives/republicans could ever hope to.

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