Aug 032004

A four month investigation by a Philadelphia researcher, independently confirmed by a RAW story, "finally proves that President George W. Bush did not successfully complete his service with the Texas Air National Guard. The president’s own payroll records ? recently released by the White House in an effort to discredit claims that the president had failed to meet Guard requirements ? instead indicate that he was absent without leave (AWOL) in 1972, and should have been placed on active duty for nearly four months." American Progress’s Larry Korb, former assistant secretary of defense under President Reagan, has reached a similar conclusion. Asked if he thought Bush was AWOL, Korb said, "Based on these payroll records, unless he had permission, it would be."

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  1. Fine looking blog. Saw your url in my stats Thanks for the link. WTF is GWB up to ? Have you seen my blog? Apparently the guy is on *medication* . OK then.

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