Oct 272004

Amendment 6, if passed, would repeal the high-speed rail amendment voters approved previously. Now how absurd is that.

High-speed rail is a worthwhile part of a mass-transit infrastructure that Florida desperately needs to provide transportation equity and reduce dependence on foreign oil. It’s worth the investment, which is why voters approved the original measure. The advertisements claim it will divert funds from highway construction….well Duhhh. Precisely the point.

I like the way Josh put it on his blog, A Beautiful Accident, "But on general principles, this amendment is downright repugnant. The Legislature has essentially said that we’re going to keep voting on this issue until we get it "right." That approach is dangerous regardless of your ideology or position on the issue in question.?I?recommend a NO vote on Proposed Amendment 6."

Didn’t we already vote on this?

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