Feb 172005

One of the Resource sites I list in my links is for a technically oriented newsletter. This site was listed in that newsletter today, and I got a ton of very nice e-mails from people all over the country and even quite a few in Canada.

All were complimentary, and I visited one lady’s site that was, for some reason, very touching for me. It was a personal pilgrimage she took across Canada. Its worth visiting if only for the pictures.

So, welcome to new friends we made today from the Langalist.

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  1. Hi..I was late reading my Langa newsletter, just got to it today, and I don’t often check out the sites that have added the code. But for some reason I did today and I’m so glad because I found your site. I’ve only read a few of your comments, so far, but was so please to see I’m not alone in my feelings about how things are going in our country. I’m a 73 year old grandmother and I’m really concerned for my grandchildren and even my children (both baby boomer’s). Seems our Government has lost sight of why our founding fathers came to this land for in the first place. Church and State MUST remain separate, or we will become church ruled again.

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