Jun 292005

Bush kept invoking the Sept. 11 attacks to try to defend his plan to keep U.S. troops in Iraq as long as it takes to ensure peace in the country. However, he says we can’t send more troops because it will undermine his plans to turn the country over to the Iraqi people. (Down is up and Up is down.)

As you might guess, Democrats are rightfully attacking the President’s continued attempts to link the war in Iraq to terrorist activities. "The president’s frequent references to the terrorist attacks of September 11 show the weakness of his arguments," House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said. "He is willing to exploit the sacred ground of 9/11, knowing that there is no connection between 9/11 and the war in Iraq."

"The president’s numerous references to September 11 did not provide a way forward in Iraq," Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid said. "They only served to remind the American people that our most dangerous enemy, namely  Osama bin Laden, is still on the loose and al-Qaida remains capable of doing this nation great harm nearly four years after it attacked America."

Bush also continues to try to tie support to the war to support for the troops. This attempt to say, "If you’re against the war you’re against the troops" is so bogus, I find it hard to fatham how anyone can still buy it, but people do, and W continues beating that drum.

Sen Frist, laughably, called the war in Iraq a "humanitarian miracle.

And don’t think for a minute that the location for the speech was to honor soldiers, the speech was held on a military base because its a good way to control the crowd. And control the crowd they did [Read More]

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