Jul 282005

This is bad, seriously. Paul Hackett is running as the first Iraq war vet to run for Congress, and now his GOP opponent, Jean Schmidt, just said that being an American vet from the Iraq war is the wrong kind of experience for a member of Congress. I kid you not.

The Swift Boaters started it last year with Kerry, and Bush did the same thing to McCain in 2000. Slur a guy because he’s a vet. And now we have a GOP candidate for Congress saying that service in the Iraq war apparently disqualifies you for being a member of Congress.

And for some stupid reason, a lot of vets have become convinced that the republicans are your friends. If that’s so, why did they send an ill prepared military into an unwarranted war without the proper equipment, and then seek to reduce veterans benefits back home. And now, you’re not fit to share a seat in Congress with them?

Well, because it suited them politically to take us into a war and stir that patriotic fervor by using the military as props, but they’re not so hospitable when you might become one of them.

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