Aug 032006

Once again, work has kept me busy. I was in Washington, DC Monday through Wednesday this week on a project. Boy was it hot in D.C. While 90 in Tampa right now, the heat and humidity?in D.C. was stiffling. I rode the metro to National Airport, and was?wringing wet when we got there. Because so much of National is glass, I guess, it wasn’t all that nice?inside the airport.?The flight home was packed and I was stuck in a middle seat.

Perhaps the biggest potential news was Tropical Storm (scheduled to be Hurricane) Chris. Chris should have been a hurricane by today, but wind shear got all wrapped in it, pushed all the cloud tops to the south of cyclone convection, and is now probably not even a tropical storm anymore. We probably won’t even get rain from it.

Last year for his birthday, I bought Lay a Zen Micro and paid for an annual subscription to the Yahoo!Music system. It provides unlimited downloads. He didn’t want to mess with it, so I’ve used and downloaded about 600 titles. Unfortunately, it drives me crazy. If you don’t add music at least once per month to your device, the “license” doesn’t renew so the music won’t play. It seems this happens every time I go on the road. I get on the plane, put on the noise cancelling headphones (which are great), turn on the player, and can’t listen to any of the music.

To avoid this on this most recent trip, I had deleted a song, and reloaded it to the device, which is supposed to “re-up” the license for all the music. Well it didn’t, so once again I was screwed. I’ve tried to be respectful of the licensing requirements of these music stores, but I’ve paid for this music, and am entitled to listen to it, but never seem to get to. I’m working on a permanent solution to this problem.

I’m working on setting up some blogs for friends, and writing a brief “how-to” guide for them, and I’m considering a new “theme” for my blog, but haven’t found anything I really like yet.

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