Aug 072008

I seem to be doing lots of upgrading lately. I’ve been having an issue for some time now with my Outlook crashing several times each day, and often taking multiple attempts to restart it. In some cases, it will even break the connection to the pst file, and I’ll have to restart the computer. I’ve tried everything without success, so I’m now considering an upgrade to Office 2007.

I don’t hear a lot of good about it, and most people are, at best, indifferent. I do know I’ve gotten very good at using Excel, and had a friend tell me that’s the program she had the most problem with adjusting to the new interface.

I’m downloading the files now from our corporate interface. It’s taken several hours. I don’t know why they won’t send out a CD, but whatcha gonna do. Once downloaded, I may install in on my laptop first, and see what I think.

Does anyone have an opinion, or better yet, suggestions on how to cope with the changes resulting from an upgrade?

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  1. New interface, some new functionality. Overall, I think Microsoft is in a dead heat to make things look cool and function more intuitively, as Apple is clearly kicking their butts in that arena.

    I am an MCSE, and after sitting with the new Mac’s for about an hour, I wanted one.

    Microsoft knows this. They have already stopped selling Windows XP. Shortest shelf life of any OS that I know of. Vista is cumbersome, resource heavy, and filled with “gadgets”. Navigation sucks on it.

    Not to get to paranoid, but it has also been noted that oddly, people’s older Office programs are no longer working as they did. VERY odd, as this happened to me as well. The solution? Upgrade, of course!

    Now, when Apple let’s go of the proprietary hardware thing…THEN Microsoft is in big trouble.

    For those that don’t want to pay a fortune (and let’s face it, Microsoft is shameless in their pricing), I recommend you try a free office suite that is VERY functional –

    Best of luck to you!

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