Mar 092010

You’ll recall a brief post last week about a guy who got hit by a car, which knocked him in front a bus, which hit him. No update on his condition, but a few other people have had pretty bad days too.

Sunday a man came to the Largo Hospital with chest pains and numbness in his left arm. I’d head to the hospital too with those symptoms. They admitted him to the cardiac unit, but around 5am Monday morning he decided he just had to have a cigarette. The nurses told him he couldn’t leave, but he insisted. Went outside, and apparently decided to wonder around a bit, and on a dark stretch of the road, a woman in a Suburban, on the way to her early morning Yoga class, hit and killed the guy. Hope the cigarette was worth it.

And the Tribune is reporting this morning that the Dade City Police are investigating a murder. Armando Uribe, Jr. was found dead in the street with a gunshot wound. Uribe had just been released from the Pasco County Jail Sunday after serving a 10 day sentence for driving while his license was suspended.

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