Aug 272010

So, I haven’t been posting very much lately. Work has been very busy, but as the boss says, “it’s better than the alternative.” I was in Washington, D.C. three days this week. Yesterday involved a meeting at the Pentagon. This is my first time visiting there, and it was very interesting. We had to go through three different sign-in’s, and then lock our cell phones and electronics in a safe before finally going into the conference room for the meeting.

The United flight I was planning to take home used to leave at like 6:50pm. Fortunately I looked at the itinerary in time to realize the time was rolled-back to 5:40. I made it to the gate with no problem, but was a little more rushed than I wanted to be. Of course, we didn’t leave on time. Oh we were boarded and pushed back right on schedule. Then, sitting out on the tarmac in a baking hot plane with no AC, they spent an hour trying to a get the engines started. When they gave that up, they said we’d have to be towed back to the gate, and for some reason it took over 20 minutes to get the tug out and hooked up. At least they had it repaired in about 30 minutes.

So, with all that said, here’s something to make your Friday a little more fun. I find the folks able to do this amazing, and I admit to the sin of coveting their skill. I wish I could do it.


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