May 022011

Daphne Campbell (Democrat/Traitor-Miami)

I’m trying to figure out the logic that must have gone through the twisted head of Representative Daphne Campbell, Democrat of Miami. She introduced HB 7131 which repeals a requirement that employers provide seats for employees who walk or work standing up during their breaks. Because, you know, God forbid those people get to sit down for 15 minutes twice a day.

Every Republican in the House, Rep. Campbell, and a couple other Democrats voted for this bill. I’m just waiting to hear how it’ll allow the poor businesses of Florida create more jobs since they no longer have to buy chairs. I’m sure the members of the Florida Legislature completely understand that only slackers and lazy assholes would actually “sit.” Oh wait, are those chairs on the floor of the Florida Legislature?

What, could it be? Chairs on the floor of the Florida Legislature?

But I am sure the Republicans (and Traitor Daphne Campbell) are prepared to “stand” on principle. I believe that as a taxpayer and voter, I’m their boss, so I choose to no longer provide them seats in the Capital Building. And I am certain that these committed legislators are ready to share the pain, and save the already strapped Florida budget some more money by voluntarily removing all the chairs, benches and seats from the Capital Building.

The Florida Legislature on Innaguration Day?

I’m betting that as a side benefit, the sessions and committee meetings will be a lot shorter, and things will happen a lot more expeditiously in Tallahassee once the chairs are all removed. I mean surely if it’s good enough for the workers of this State to stand for their full 8 hours, I know these legislators are prepared to stand with the workers of Florida. [/snark]

I would call it a clown car, but it’s really not funny. This is, after all, the same legislature that spent time and dollars in 2008 passing a bill regulating hanging fake bull testicles from the trailer hitch of your truck. I’m just waiting for Daphne to come out and say how it will help create jobs if the poor businesses of the state no longer have to spend money buying a few chairs, and can “hire” workers instead.

[callout title=SOD Nursing School]Interestingly, putting “SOD Nursing School”, of which she claims to be a graduate, into Google returns only hits related to her “resume.” Apparently, it’s a tough program, as she appears to be the only graduate.[/callout]She, of all people, should know better. She claims to be a registered nurse. My mother was a nurse for entire working career, and she worked full-time and then part-time in a hospital. I know that nurses spend most of their long shifts on their feet, so how ridiculous now that their hospitals (you know the one’s like Rick Scott used to run which defrauded the taxpayers out of billions of dollars) will no longer have to provide a seat where they can “take the load off” during their breaks. So this is what it’s come to in a state with a multi-billion dollar budget deficit and one of the highest unemployment rates in the country…Daphne has her knickers all in a twist about people getting to sit down on their breaks. Of course, maybe it will help unemployment. Maybe some older works will die sooner from not being able to sit down for 15 minutes twice per day, so some jobs might open up.