Feb 172016

DSC_0120There, I said it. Back in late August I traded in my 2005 Nissan Pathfinder for a supposedly new 2015 Rogue. I based it on test drives and comparisons with a variety of similar crossovers, and reading reviews on several auto websites, combined with the price I got it for. I was fairly pleased, but in the past two months a number of critical components have failed, and Nissan and the dealership are unconcerned and actually fairly rude about it.

I was very happy with my Pathfinder. I purchased it used in about 2008, and by the time I traded it in, it had nearly 180,000 miles. I’d experienced one failure of some sort of electrical system box, and a transmission failure at about 90,000 miles caused by a design flaw in the radiator. I spoke with the regional manager for Nissan, and in the end he made good on that, and later Nissan issued an extended warranty to cover the issue, so that had given some confidence in Nissan. Other than those few issues, it had been little more than routine maintenance and stuff that wears out. The interior was certainly not in perfect shape, but was not in terrible shape, and the exterior showed some of nicks and dings you’d expect from a 10-year-old vehicle with that kind of mileage.

Things kind of started off bad when Nissan issued a major update to the navigation system, but wanted to charge $150 for the update. I did get customer service to agree to reimburse me for the update, and they did do that. Continue reading »