Fake News, So Why Not a Fake News Conference

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Nov 052007

Well, by now most of you have heard the story of the fake FEMA press conference. Apparently, a couple of weeks ago during the height of the California wildfires, Deputy Secretary, Vice Adm. Harvey E. Johnson, was asked questions by other FEMA employees posing as reporters. Real reporters were notified of the conference only 15 minutes before it started, and were only allowed to listen via a listen-only conference line.

DHS Secretary Chertoff has been acting all miffed and indignant, but my guess is he’s only upset because they got caught. Come on…this is an administration that has regularly provided fake news to the American public, so why not take  it to it’s logical conclusion and just have fake news conferences. I mean just invite Faux News, and you’ve got it made.

As John Stewart put it, “Sir, I have a question…How great has been FEMA’s response to the wildfires? And one quick followup…can I have a raise?”