Aug 072005

So, recently there have been a bunch of high profile cases of registered sex offenders re-offending. I realize this means that very few readers will have any sympathy, but at the rate its going, lets just take ’em all out and shoot them.  Sex offenders tracked by the state are banned from public hurricane shelters in Florida under a new policy that allows them to weather the storms in prison instead.

You can read the complete story here.

I think the ACLU spokesperson has the right perspective, but most people will not share the sentiment.

Randall Marshall, legal director of the Florida ACLU, said the policy could push sex offenders out of the supervision of authorities.

"If you take people who have served their sentence and are released from prison and try to (reinstate) themselves in society, the more steps you take to isolate and ostracize them … there are very few options for them to live their lives and not reoffend," he said.

We do the same thing to a lesser degree to anyone with a criminal record. With the persistence of computer records now, and every company running background checks, no one who’s ever made one mistake in their life is going to be able to get a job. So, what’s left for them to do? How can you expect them to move back into society, since society goes out of its way to reject them?

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  1. most sex offender will re-offend. I think if we as liberals are going to take back this country we need to stop coddling some very bad people. I have a 10 year old and would kill anyone who sexually abused him. phedophiles are sick people. leaving them in a place where they have access to children is not safe. I am sorry they have to weather the storm in prison but they brought in on themeselves.

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