Jul 292007

I wasn’t quite as busy this past week, but I did have to travel to North Carolina on business the first couple of days of the week. I flew in Monday and spent Tuesday night in Kings Mountain visiting Mom. I had dinner with Mom and my sister Robin Tuesday night, and lunch with my other sister and her two children Wednesday before heading home.

The airplane flights, were as always, packed to the gills. I’m off to NYC next Sunday afternoon for a Monday morning meeting (why our sales guy does that, I don’t know).

Of course, by Wednesday all hell had broken loose again at work, and I’m now as busy as ever. I was supposed to be off Friday, but that didn’t happen. I wanted to do some writing on the blog this past week, but I sort of convinced that there was one plugin not working, so I was waiting to see of the developers could get that problem resolved. I looks as though they may have, but that’s yet to be determined.

I do have lots of material to cover, and I will be in the office all this week. I have much writing to do for work, but I plan to make some time to get back to more regular blogging. It won’t be every day, but close to it.

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