Apr 082008

USA Today has a story about the whistleblowers turning up the heat on FAA Administrators concerning their coziness with the airlines.

In startling disclosures to Congress, federal inspectors overseeing Southwest Airlines say they were repeatedly thwarted by senior government officials from reporting critical problems that compromised the safety of passengers.

Federal whistle-blowers, other federal aviation inspectors and the independent investigator for the Department of Transportation testified Thursday that problems at Southwest were far more widespread than has previously been reported…

…The testimony included stories about attempted revenge, orders to destroy incriminating documents and fears that a conspiracy may have extended to the FAA’s Washington headquarters.

And the Supervisor who made the threats has be reassigned, not fired. Just what does one have to do to get fired from Bu$hCo?

But of course, we just really can’t have all these inspectors and regulations…they are a drag on business and business needs to be free of overbearing government, so that it will prosper and the prosperity will trickle down to the rest of us. If we impede that with frivolous regulation, like airplane inspections and safety standards, then we impede freedom and democracy…and the….THE TERRORISTS WIN!!!

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