May 162008

I’ve been in Minneapolis since Wednesday afternoon. I flew in to for a work related conference, and gave one of the presentations. I got great reviews from the people that attended the sessions, all saying it was better than the other “snoozers” they attended yesterday afternoon.

I had dinner Wednesday evening with an old friend from the professional association I was involved in. It was good to get together with him and catch up on everyone. He’s now retired, so he seems to do the best job of keeping tabs on everyone, despite the fact that he and his wife are on the go all the time on all sorts of adventures. I hope when I get his age, I can retire and have the fun he’s having.

I’m at the Minneapolis airport now waiting on a flight to Chicago. This has to be one of the poorest designed airports I’ve been in here in the U.S. Even the parking deck that houses the rental cars has the worst traffic flow imaginable. I believe putting the rental car places there was an after thought.

Getting around in the terminal is somewhat confusing, and one is constantly going up and down. The people, as you might expect, were generally very nice. I just wish they’d designed a better airport.

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